New "beany" bag from the Vuitton

  1. I came home with this after "browsing" at the vuitton yesterday! :graucho:

  2. Where are the pics? I'm dyin here!
  3. The SA wrapped it up in the box without me asking! (i usually remember to ask for one but I was too distracted to remember!) :P

  4. Bluekit,

    You are teasing us! ARgh..... ;)
  5. TA DA! :biggrin:

    I never thought I would get something in Monogram. I kept it too flashy? is it too flashy? I'm a Epi girl but none of them look nice on me. This is my first ever monogram piece!

  6. Very nice! This is the PM? Aren't they great handbags, congrats BK!
  7. I asked for one in the back since the one I tried on has a slight patina already.


    I'm a happy gal now. So where do I get shining monkey? :P
  8. Yup it's the PM. AND my largest bag! :Push: It seriously look like a mung-bean to me. :lol:
  9. :flowers: Blue,

    I bet it looks fab on you! Did you know this was going to happen?
    Or a premeditated buy?:lol:
  10. Looks FAB!!!
  11. looks great! enjoy your new bag.
  12. I planned to dash to the beverly hills Neiman Marcus on Monday morning for the Chanel sale. So I vowed not to get anything (purse related) until then.

    Anyway, we were around the neighborhood after watching a broadway show "Hairspray" (very good btw) and decided to browse around at Louis Vuitton. I tried out about 10 different bags and nothing looked right for me! So just out of the blue I decided to try this one out because it's like the last pochette size bags I haven't tried on. And it worked! ;) It was meant to be, I suppose! :roflmfao:

    So this is the story of my life. Bags always come out from the left field. Premeditated bags never materialize. And now, I re-set my bag counter. :shame:
  13. Great bag! Congrats!!
  14. you have to post a picture of you wearing it! I bet it looks fantastic!
  15. :biggrin: I have this bag in the small and medium style, you'll love it:biggrin: