New Bayswater Tote

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  1. I want one so badly - they look more sturdy than the previous one, like it wouldn't flop...?!
  2. I love the look of this bag, thanks for great reviews and modelling shots! This is the first Coca style that I am seriously interested in.
    I had given up on Mulberry, but this bag is really tempting me :smile:
  3. Looks like the perfect work bag and I love that you can zip it up
  4. Who bought the tote with the union jack lock? I really would like to see a picture of the lock. Love, love the bag...but I'm a bit afraid of buying without seeing irl.
  5. Dear Izzy, you look great! That bag does you justice, the overall look is very elegant. Enjoy wearing her!
  6. Since I have had mine for several weeks now I have to say I use it almost exclusively. It has allowed me to carry a big bag again since it isn't so heavy and I love it.
    Thank you so much!

    Quote to Cashmere Cardigans:
    If you are talking about the new Bays tote it doesn't zip but the new Bayswater does zip.
    To DiJe40:
    Another of my friends bought the midnight with the Union Jack and she really likes it. Unfortunately I haven't seen it but I can tell you she likes the leather, weight and style of the bag. She carries high end bags such as Hermes, LV and Celine so that is an excellent recommendation from her.

    Again, thanks so very much! I love the bag and if I had the money I would purchase it in midnight with the Union Jack!
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  7. Hi everyone, I've been away from TPF for quite awhile but stumbled across the new Bayswater Tote while web surfing today...and now I'm suddenly desperate for one in antique blue. SO PRETTY.

    Does this bag have a key fob/key attachment inside? The "details" section lists one, and several other features, none of which I see in the pictures of the bag...

    Also, I'm a new mom, but never been into a big open tote style...though starting to think it might be practical to carry my stuff + baby's stuff (in pouches for organization). Any insights on this, or am I just justifying a potential purchase to myself?

    Thanks all :smile:
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    It’s a beautiful bag, wich I really love. The perfect size for everyday use! Go for it.

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  9. Thanks so much for your encouragement and the gorgeous pics of your own bags! I'm gonna try to see if I can hold out for a few days, just to curb any impulsivity...

    Any other opinions welcome :smile:
  10. to those who have had the bag for a while, do the corners of the bag wear well (especially on lighter colours)? The corners look rather sharp and pointy so I'm worried it would scuff and peel easily. Thanks :smile:
  11. So far mine have done very well with no change in the corners.
  12. That's wonderful to hear!! :smile:
  13. Hello,
    Does anyone know how this compares to a neverfull mm from LV. I’d really like one but can only hand carry but like the option of throwing on my shoulder if need be. I’m 5ft 107lbs and think the straps look quite long to hand hold for my height. I don’t suppose any fellow shorties own this or can compare the handle length to a neverfull drop. Thank you in advance
  14. Hi - I started this thread back in May so thought I’d share my new purchase with you. Took me a while but I got there in the end! I’ve gone for the Bright Navy Cross Grain Leather with silver hardware and burgundy lining. I absolutely love it! It’s works for me as the perfect work bag but to be honest I use it all of the time! The leather is pretty tough so I think it’s going to wear well. The little pouch that’s clips inside the bag doubles as a fab clutch bag too! I’ve bought Mulberry bags for many years so I would say the only thing that I’m still getting to is that the lock is much smaller and more delicate than the older ones - not really a criticism but just something for me personally to adapt to, if that makes any sense! Anyway, I’m loving the bag! C70F3432-0D2A-4F0A-B5A2-A1F01A6FF685.jpeg 2DA61468-8715-4958-ACE0-B85E17C6E4B5.jpeg 3CAFFA8D-60B8-4673-835E-BFA60EEF2B7B.jpeg 22C46506-580C-422C-A617-C43954FA0019.jpeg
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  15. I've seen this in the flesh and can agree it's stunning.
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