New Bayswater Tote

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  1. You are welcome. Yes, the tote does have a very nice inside pocket. It is leather with a flap on the outside. The pocket has two snaps on the back so it can be removed from the bag. It is a nice size and will hold far more than one item. An iPhone 7 plus fits into it. The pocket measures approximately 9 1/2 L and 6 1/2 H.
  2. thats great to know, thank you so much!!

    think I'm gonna go for the burgundy version :smile:
  3. Hi, i'd love to see the burgundy version if you do buy it. I'm definitely thinking of buying one but torn between the oak and the burgundy. I've had a look at some of the press photos of the burgundy one on and it looks more like a reddish dark brown rather than the rich burgundy/oxblood colour, if you know what i mean.
  4. hi yes I was seduced by the new campaign and the pic of the model on the mulberry home page wearing it slung over her back almost, i haven't seen it in person but either i'll be ordering it soon or il be in london next wknd and will take pics for you either way :smile:
  5. Yes, that's exactly the photo I'm referring to - it's looks more of a dark brown, I quite like it actually! Unfortunately I can't get to see the bags irl so It would be great to see some photos, thank you so much.
  6. When I read where you said burgundy I thought you were talking about oxblood which a friend of mine had bought. I thought hers was oxblood with a new color of oxblood from Mulberry. I was so wrong! Her bag is burgundy and it is a beautiful color. So, on some thread, I have said the oxblood was a wonderful color but if anyone has read that please know I made a mistake and the color is burgundy.

    Also, for those of you who have been wanting a navy, did you see the coming soon section? The new Bayswater tote in navy calf with the Union Jack postman's lock. It is a fabulous tote and the Union Jack just looks awesome on it. :heart::heart:
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  7. Thanks Izzy48 - so the oxblood and burgundy are two very different colours? Am i right in thinking that the burgundy is more of a dark brown - it looks that way in the press photos. I've just seen the navy tote in the coming soon section.......looks lovely but wasn't sure about the postman's lock but it's growing on me and something really different :smile:
  8. I looked online again and this bag isn't even offered in oxblood so yes they are different colors. To answer the question about the color, I called the person I know who has the bag in burgundy which is the bag I thought was oxblood. She said when she looked at the bag she thought it was oxblood but when she compared it to a zipped Bayswater (which was the bag she originally went in the NY store to purchase) she asked why the different oxblood color. The SA then told her it wasn't oxblood. The SA said she would describe it as a very slightly darker color than the oxblood with a little more of the red family tint to it while the oxblood looks as if it has more of a brown family tint. She does think the burgundy is a richer color but as she said that is just one opinion. So sorry for misleading anyone about the color. :hrmm: The next time I will read!!!!
  9. I am thinking of the oxblood tote. Is it more burgundy? I would love a colour like my Black Forest Bayswater. I prefer a reddish undertone to brownish. Although saying that I love my oxblood daria (older oxblood) and my oxblood medium lily!
    If you have seen the oxblood in the tote please let me know. I want to order one.
  10. If you buy it please share photos!
  11. Be sure to remember I made a mistake when I called the color oxblood because the color
  13. Thank you Izzy.
    That is really very helpful!
    I went to John Lewis today but they didn't have the new tote.
  14. You are welcome and be sure to post your pics.
  15. [​IMG]
    loving the look of this colour!
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