New Bayswater Tote

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  1. Hi there,
    The new Bayswater Tote has caught my eye and i'm wondering if anyone has purchased it or seen it irl.
    There aren't any modelling photos on so it hard to gage how it might look. Would love to know your
    thoughts. Many thanks
  2. I've not seen it in IRL but I have to say this is the first redesign that I have liked to date from the JC collection. It's obviously very much like a neverful but I still love it.
  3. I am very intrigued by this bag! Keep having a look on the website,but would love some mod shots aswell!
  4. I love the simplicity of it. There's a photo posted in the 'new coming soon section' of an ocean green one - it looks gorgeous!
  5. I agree ladies, it's a great looking bag. Very similar to LV neverfull. I like that you can close the top. I'm tempted by the oxblood, or burgundy as they have called in on site .
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  7. I'm also tempted by the burgundy - i'm guessing it's the same colour as oxblood! With the blue suede interior, i bet it's lush!
  8. My guess is it's oxblood too, would like to see IRL to see what the leather is like. It looks nice in oak too.
  9. I purchased the new tote in ocean green and it arrived today. Here are some pictures. I posted these same pictures on another thread with some comments. It is light weight, easy to carry and I think just a very successful design of a great tote. I like the suede lining and the color is unusual but good with the ocean green. For me, the bag is a winner. Most importantly, the leather of my bag is nice quality.

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  10. It's stunning! I really like this colour green aswell!
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  11. It's beautiful, you must be so pleased. I'm even more tempted now! Thank you for posting the photos.
    I'd love to see a modelling shot if you're happy to do one.
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  12. Thanks for sharing. Your pics are great and the tote looks fabulous. I know it's early days but what are your initial thoughts re the leather? I'm pleased it is suede lined , makes it much more luxurious. When will you take her for her first outing?
  13. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. So happy some of you like the tote. NY, the leather is quality leather and the ocean green translated well with this leather. It has a total leather look to it with no shiny plastic like look to it. I understand there is some concern about this with the small Bayswater but based on what I am seeing that doesn't apply to this bag. The edge painting is done in the aubergine or I should say purple color the same as the lining. The handles are flat so they are easy to wear on the shoulder. The bag can be carried close to the body. I am not certain when I will carry it because I am still thinking over the color. The color is beautiful but I have never carried bags with a great deal of color with the exception of red so I suppose I need to break my mold and enjoy this color.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what colors this bag can be carried with?
  14. That's good to hear. I think it will go with loads of colours. It would be good with grey, oxblood/purple, black, neutrals, I think it will be more versatile than you think. If you changed for another colour which one would you swap for?
  15. Omg I love that style. It is a must have. Based on the information on this bag, it seems to be in the middle of the Neverfull mm and gm. That's perfect ❤️ Was planning buying the Neverfull azur, but now I'm unsure. Maybe I should have this one in oak? Would love to see some modelling photos.
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