New Bags at Revolve - Eros Pearl and Cherie Double Cream

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  1. New bags at Revolve. Never seen the Eros in Pearl before, description says its embossed leather. I'm not a big fan of Eros, now if that Pearl came in the form of a MAC, I'd snap it up straightaway!
  2. Wow, I'm really feeling the Pearl, surprisingly (wasn't a huge fan of the Eros beforehand) - looks like the perfect little grab-and-go bag for winter. Or for all seasons actually!

    The Cheri I think I prefer in the tri-color, but it's quite pretty! Looks a lot like the Rendezvous with handles & squared edges.
  3. I like the texture on the pearl Eros, but I'm not really digging the style.
  4. is this the same pinkish peal we saw on K.C.'s MAB before? it doesn't seem to have any pink in it..
  5. the eros looks so cheaply made.
  6. #7 Sep 22, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2008
    I'm really liking Pearl! there doesn't seem to be any pink in the leather but I imagine that's just the way it's been photographed?!?!

    ^ The Eros is a simpler design, so maybe it looks "cheap" because it has a thin leather strap as opposed to the chain, and no prominent hardware or buckles? I like how simple and understated it is - will finish a casual outfit off well :smile:
  7. I'm pretty sure this issue has been tossed around here a long while ago, but since the only photo of Pearl that anyone has seen is KC's bag, I don't know if we figured it out. I never really thought that the bag had a pink tone to it, but the reflection(sort of) of her hoodie on the bag.
  8. the Cheri style has grown on me. I like it in multiple colors better, tho