New bag

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  1. Disney will release new dooney bags on July 23.
  2. Thanks, MJ! The Coach Disney stuff is pretty popular right now so I guess Dooney decided to up their game!!
  3. It seems that they periodically release new bags depending on what's going on. Each marathon and wine and food festival at Disney World seems to get a new release each and every time. I saw when the Beauty and the Beast design was released (last year). One would think they would re-release them right now while they're putting out the hype for the new movie.

    I got my first Disney-Dooney last week (see new avatar) when we were in Disneyland. My land this thing is huge!. Probably twice the size of my ostrich Lexington. (I used to love large bags when I was younger, but my neck and shoulder keeps telling me to pare down what I carry in my bag.) Also, this particular one doesn't have the signature red lining. This one is sky blue to match the outside of the bag. Not what I prefer, but I'm going to use the bag!
  4. Thanks MJ! Can't wait to see what they have in store.
  5. It's really pretty! Congrats and enjoy!