New bag!

  1. Hi! I got a new bag from Bal NY. My friend gets a discount there and I asked her to get me a black brief. Here's the thing - you guys always say "I have an '05 caramel twiggy" or whatever, and I want to keep track the year and color of all of my bags from now on - I didn't keep track of the year or color names of my first few. . .

    So here's what it says on the tag. Can you translate? I don't know what any of this means!

    2007 Sac
    Cuir Agneau Pleine Fleur Aniline
    Textile Doublure Bijouterie Laiton

    Huh??? :smile: Thanks.
  2. a discount???? at BalNY???
    oh, congrats on the 07 black brief!
  3. 2007 Sac
    Cuir Agneau Pleine Fleur Aniline
    Textile Doublure Bijouterie Laiton

    i haven't found the thread that might contain the translation but i can tell you the only difference seems to be the type of leather: there's Agneau (lamb) and Chevre (goat).

    my s/s07 white city's tag is exactly the same except the leather is Chevre.
  4. karyn, i have to ask, do you live in OH?
  5. Just beautiful! Congrats.
  6. Thanks, Glossie! I took her out last night for her first night on the town and when we sat down at dinner next to a lady with her new YSL bag, I have to say, I liked mine SO much better! :smile:
    My husband gets such a kick out of my bag recognition. At dinner I was like "to the left, Hermes, 15 grand. To the right, YSL, 2 grand". He said - "#1, I can't believe women spend so much money on purses, and #2 - I can't believe you can spot them like that"! Ha, it's a sickness.

    bal newbie - yep, 30%. Amazing, right? :smile: It took me forever to get her to go, though.

    ladybugfreckle - no, not OH, I live in LA, but I work on films, so I travel a lot. I just lived in NY for 3 months, came home yesterday, go to Vegas today for 2 weeks, and then go to Vancouver until January! Ooph! :smile:
  7. gorgeous brief, congrats!
  8. cOngrats on your new addition.. and with a discount~!... even BETTER~! :tup:
  9. :tup: CONGRATS~
  10. Congrats on your bag! I HAVE to ask- how on earth is your friend able to get a discount at Bal NY? 30%?????
  11. Gorgeous bag!!!
  12. :lol: for me, i'm better at spotting knock-offs. ooh can you CP bbags for me please? just kidding! if you manage to find out what the rest translates to, pls share with us here. your bag's a beauty btw :smile:
  13. What an amazing discount your friend could get!!! U're so lucky!!

    Congrats on your awesome new bag!!!
  14. Very pretty! Love the brief.
  15. Ooo lucky you for having a great friend like that.

    What a gorgeous bag.

    Hmm where can I get a friend like that?? ;)