new bag time, but want a fun

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  1. So I really like the Turq patent and reg leather. Or even the pink patent. Is there a way to see if any bags are going to come out in these colors in the near future? Not a fan of the Ergo, and the Legacy shoulder is too small. The Gigi is OK. I wish the Leigh would come out in patent turq, it looks gorgeous in yellow on the macys site. I need big, but not the biggest fan of just plain tote style bags. I'm relatively new to Coach, so forgive me :flowers: Or do I just need to butter up an SA to take a peek at the upcoming styles.
  2. I love the regular turquoise ergos and the clay gigi but it seems like everything I'm attracted to is rare or sold out. I hope you eventually find just what you're looking for. I love my majenta patent mini skinny. That's all I own in the patent leather.
  3. well, denied the Leigh in teal. At least that's what CS said. Hmm. Rumors of a Lily in Teal, that would be nice. I just can't do black or brown, nor signature. It's pretty limiting LOL.
  4. I'm having the same problem. I love the color of the patent turquoise shoulder bag, but its way too small (I'm returning my raisin shoulder for that reason). If it came in a flap, or even a BRidgit:drool:, I would be in LOVE!
  5. The burnt orange sounds interesting as well, but only heard of the Ergo coming in that color. Atleast there are plenty of accessories to keep me occupied, but I'd love another bag to keep my Francine company.
  6. The Leigh in Teal is on if CS doesn't have it in stock - they also have the Sunflower. If you like the Francine, it comes in some gorgeous patent colors - I saw them all IRL at Bloomingdales and the Purple is especially gorgeous. I'm hoping the Gigi comes out in some brighter colors for summer.
  7. maybe you could call your local SA. They may know when and if other colors will be released.
  8. I didn't see the Leigh in teal online, only the shoulder strap. I already have the teal Francine. I am tempted by the purple too but I want a new style :smile:

    I have to pick up an order later this week, so I'll ask the SAs.
  9. The madeline comes in magenta leather! It is beautiful and I was soooo tempted today but I got the blue slim carly instead!
  10. I actually don't like the new teal color. Or rather, I don't like that it's so pastel...more of a seamist. I have to say if I were going to get the turq. patent Gigi or the teal leather one, I would get the turq. patent because it does have the darker trim. But I'm definitely not a fan. I wish they would release a color like Atlantic in something else. Sometimes I am bag specific, though, and I think I might like the teal color in the medium lily. I was also told this was a projected color...but that changes often. They have had a ton of colors listed for the XL lily, and none were actually produced...even clay, and I would be so all over that!

    I'm also not a huge fan of the ergo either. I did recently see the Leigh in citron, and I regret not buying that. I couldn't jusify it since I had just bought the canary Bleecker duffle. THere are a lot of Leighs at the outlets right now in most of the discountinued and even current colors (except rose is more rare to find). I would not call the Leigh a big bag, though. I find it a bit smaller than I like, but overall I would say it's a decent size. I tend to like the larger bags for the most part, except for my Bridgits. I also find the shoulder strap a bit short on the Leigh, but it works. The more I use mine, the more I love it!
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