New Bag? No. New LAPTOP!!!

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
:yahoo: Woo hoo! I have the world's greatest DH! :love:

I've been "tolerating" an old, hugely outdated laptop and desktop for a long time now because I just couldn't justify a new computer since I have a screamer at work. He has a nearly new Mac, but I've never had any desire to use it. Too lazy to give up Windows and to me, that's his baby. I really don't use the home laptop or desktop computer that much......until I had to have back surgery last month, so I've been stuck on the old laptop. So, guess what:

DH just came back with this shiny new Toshiba laptop AND a printer! As I despise touchpads, he just went back out to get me mouse too. Which is probably a good thing, since I keep reaching for one. Time for a happy dance!

I LOVE my new laptop and I really LOVE my DH! :heart: :yahoo: :heart:


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
Congrats. Toshibas are reliable. I have a repair place nearby that always works quickly. (I spilled a soda down the keyboard once). When I ran the computers at work, I had alot of Toshiba Laptops.

I have a Satellite at home that is 2-3 years old.


May 9, 2006
my boyfriend got me a laptop too for christmas. i kind of wanted a new chanel bag more. haha. :shame:

i thought i was getting a handbag because he said he wanted me to pick it out because he didn't know what color/size to get me or how much i'd use it. i thought we were for sure going to chanel, then we ended up at best buy.

no, i am glad i got a laptop because now i can lay in bed and be on the internet, like i'm doing now. plus it's mine, and before we were sharing a computer which wasn't all that fun.

then a few days later i bought myself a chanel bag for christmas. :yahoo:


Mommy Extraordinaire
Aug 20, 2006
Dont you just love sweet husbands? :smile:

I have a Toshiba which I love but I am thinking about being adventurous and going to the other side (MAC..), maybe the ibook? hmm..

:yahoo:Congrats on the computer though!!