new B-bag styles for s/s 07

  1. Balenciaga has done some new styles for s/s 07, I thought it would have been funny and interesting to post some pics to see your reactions:graucho: .

    Maybe :nuts: , or :wtf: ,or :throwup: ?

    So, the first one is just called "black leather bag" (no other name written :confused1: )
    The second one is the "gray leather Partition clutch"
    The third one was just named "gray lizard clutch" (no other name again :confused1: ?)
    The fourth one was "multicolored leather bag" ( amazing :wtf: imagination!)

    Ready? Here we go...:roflmfao:
    B black leather bag.jpeg Gray leather Partition clutch.jpeg gray lizard clutch.jpeg multicolored leather bag.jpeg
  2. :wondering 1) maybe nice really classic but need to see IRL

    2),3),4) not my cup of tea... what 2) is concerned it looks like my vintage clutches
  3. Yup My reaction is first..:wtf: and then :throwup: I dont love it at all..Pic #4 reminds me of LV ..I luv~LV as well but what I'm saying is not creative enough..
  4. Ok, so I can say it now: what the .... was he thinking when he designed #4 :wtf: come on ... :throwup: ?!?!

    Catcat, I like #2, even it I think it really looks like a vintage clutch, (as you said) it could be ok.

    I am not crazy about the others.

    I mean, couldn't they simply do some variation on the so loved motorcycle style since it is so successful?
  5. #1 is just ok, need to see the size in person ... the others look too plain
  6. i really don't like the last one. is that color grass green?

    the first one reminds me of a stam, I like it but I wouldn't buy it.

    # 2 and 3 look vintagey and I guess they're ok....
  7. I agree trama turgo, that they should "do some variation on the so loved motorcycle style since it is so successful?"

  8. #4: Yes, he has put grass green, light grey (or naturel, I can't tell), and black one next to another. It looks so sad and old that I guess my grandma, if she was still here, wouldn't like it.
  9. Well, I think they do continue to do that as well ... what with all the new styles that have come out lately: part-time, afternoon, mid afternoon, large bowler, small bowler, oval, toilet, brief, padded, new hobo ...

    But I concur...these styles don't inspire passion...
  10. I don't know, maybe longer straps, some applied decoration or some bows to contrast the edgy side of the motorcycle, or maybe some fringes.
    Or another mid size that looks a bit different but with the same qualities that we all like in the city, since it is so successful.

    Knowing what customers want is so easy, they just have to spend a few hours on tPF! :wlae:
  11. i really like the first one, it reminds me of my moomin mamma bag :lol: none of them are THAT bad though, they certainly don't offend my eyes :confused1:

    maybe they're looking to attract a different customer base? these bags seem to go better with the clothes they've done lately than the motorcycle line does.
  12. I would love it if they made the handles on the city and first a little longer, that's all I ask.... so simple yet it will probably never happen.
  13. Those new styles are nice but boring? I've never consistently liked one style like I do with the motorcycle line. I just feel so perfectly content with a motorcycle bag. It's the perfect balance of edgy and chic. :heart:
  14. I love #1 and #3, though I would only buy them if I had enough money to buy those and all the motorcycle styles and colors I wanted.
  15. I really like the handles on the last one... but that's about it. Those may not look so :sick: if they wouldn't have used that blinding neon yellow photo background. :shocked: