NEW agenda: Need help deciding!!!!

  1. So, I'm going to the LV store tommorrow....!!!!!! I need help deciding to get the small ring binder in vernis pomme or amarente! Opinions please!
  2. pomme wil be great cos the color is bright :tup::heart:
  3. I love Amarante. It's such a great color.
  4. pomme! i love amarante, but the fingerprint thing drove me batty
  5. ugh!! i love amarente but does it really leave fingerprints!!! that stinks..
  6. I love pomme!
  7. That's easy... POMME! :love:
  8. Pomme only because I hate the fingerprint thing with amarante!
  9. Go for the Pomme! It's great for spring and you won't have to worry about fingerprints!
  10. I have the pomme and LVoe it! It's a great pop of color.
  11. hmmm...mine gets fingerprints:shrugs:

  12. I'd go for the POMME .... :heart:
  13. I prefer the Pomme too! As much as I love the amarante ... the fingerprints will drive me up the wall!
  14. Pomme!!!

    Good luck! :yahoo:
  15. Pomme! :heart: