New, affordable accessories

  1. Just browsing through UK and found this sunglasses cases. Do you think they'll fit oversize sunglasses? I think the price is quite reasonable, do you think?;)

  2. Louis Vuitton and Affordable are two words that do not go together... (LoL)
  3. yeah i thought i wont see these words in one sentence..LOL!!
  4. the MM looks like it would fit 'regular' glasses and the PM looks like it would fit reading glasses... unfortunately don't think the cool 'big' sunglasses would fit. does it say anything in the description? might say what size glasses fit there.

    ** I bet if they made a GM size... that would work for the oversized sunglasses....
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. Price is reasonable but I don't think the MM would fit oversize sunglasses by the look of the. Could be wrong. But I wouldn't get those cases anyway because the canvas is too soft to protect my sunglasses from breakage caused by the heavy stuff in my bag.
  7. I think the MM looks like it may not be big enough for oversized glasses.
  8. They look kind of small.....not for oversized.
  9. Definitely not large enough.. which is such a bummer cause it'd be nice to actually find something to fit mine in !!
  10. ITA- I used to carry my reading glasses in a soft leather case and they got beat to hell. I much prefer the hard Bvlgari case that my newer glasses came with.
  11. how much is that is us dollers? sorry just wondering
  12. ^Just figure on doubling the price, so probably in the $200 range.
  13. yeah, it would be priced around that ^^^... I would get a cles instead if I had a choice
  14. I saw these in person and I would say no. They are more for reading glasses.
  15. probably not big enough for those big Chanel sunglasses. i have a pair (don't know the name or style) and the case that came with it is ridiculously HUGE.