New addition to my Tokidoki Collection

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  1. i m very excited! my gf managed to get Foresta BV frm HK for me!! :wlae::wlae: :yahoo: a new member to my small collection! i started off with Inferno and now i hve my Foresta.. i m a happy girl now!

    some pics of my collection:




  2. i'm jealous jealous !! hehe but congrats on the lovely BV !
  3. iceberg - congrats on the new addition! The foresta BV is so pretty and you got an entire tree on it! too cuute :biggrin:
  4. pretty bags! congratz!
  5. nice BVs!! Congrats
  6. thanks!! :smile: yah, i m really lucky to get the Foresta BV and its the last piece left. my gf almost couldnt believe that nobody actually pick up that piece. because the tree is right in the middle. ;p
  7. Oooh so pretty!
  8. congrats :biggrin:
  9. I can't see the pics:sad:
  10. super CUTE!!!!!
  11. Congrats on your new bag! It's soo cute! I just bought a foresta ciao ciao and am anxiously waiting for it! I'm about to rip my hair out!
  12. Nice bags!!! I love your foresta BV, its really cute :heart:
  13. Really nice bags...I like both of them.:tup:

    I also got my foresta BV this afternoon, or should I say yesterday. Will post pics soon.:P
  14. Congrats on the Foresta is soo pretty !
  15. Very nice! Congratulations!!!:woohoo: