New Addiction - Juicy Couture Charms

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  1. I think I want to get the banana split charm next. Its a toss up between the pear and that one, but I feel like the banana split will go faster.
  2. leema183 : now you have me wanting a treasure chest charm. :drool:
  3. LOL, we SO think alike! I am attracted to almost all of the pave charms. I LOVE your chocolate cake. I definitely want that guy next as well as the pink martini! :drinkup:
  4. OOH i really like the coconut drink one! I love all summery type charms :cool:
  5. Definitely get the banana split first, I've seen the pear more than that one. I got the banana split a few months ago (it came out when the taxi cab and the martini did) but I've seen the pear in Nordstrom's a few times.
  6. I vote for the banana split over the pear too :yes:
  7. OMG! My bf came to visit me yesterday and surprised me with the beehive charm. Its so cute I love it. Does anyone else have it?
  8. thanks, ilovetokidoki! the treasure chest is VERY cute. You must get one too!
    And thanks, Coach Superfan - the coconut drink is one of my favourites too ...
    Here is the other one that was missing from my pics. And I didn't have a picture of the cute mail in the mailbox so I'm posting that one again.
    Thanks, Rebecca - I'd say the mailbox is one of my favourites, but then I just told Coach Superfan the coconut drink was. :shame:

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  9. shasha17a - you must post pics of the beehive charm! :yes:
  10. ^ I saw those online, and it's pretty cute! Would love to see more pics!
  11. I will post pics this weekend.
  12. hi ladies! may i ask a couple questions about the juicy charms? i am considering the bracelet and some charms for a gift. what age are you gals and do you think that these are appropriate for a certain age group? they look super cute online but i have not seen any personally. since you seem to be buying multiples i assume the quality is as good as it looks in pictures. thanks!
  13. ^I think any age group can wear these! I have my own collection and my mom has some as well!
    She's in her 50's and loves them, I got her the egg charm for Easter and I just managed to find the pumpkin charm for her! Not sure when I'll give that to her...I was disappointed last year because I was going to get the last one I saw at Nordstrom, but he was missing a rhinestone in his eye. :sad:

    Anyway the quality is great, sometimes you do have to be careful of the stones though so they don't get knocked out.
  14. I bought my little cousin these for Christmas but now looking at everyones charms I think I might have to buy myself one too.
    Is 24 too old to be wearing this???
  15. thanks lvbabydoll! i think they look super cute and i love the ones that open and have things inside. i fit in your mothers age category but i like them. i am glad you mentioned the stones as i had considered that when i saw them. do you think them too fragile to use other than a pendant? i had been considering them for a bracelet but that may not be good? i read some are using them on zippers and handbags do you think this is safe for the stones? i am not sure how careful the young girl will be. thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.