New Addiction - Juicy Couture Charms

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  1. It was raining today so I started surfing and saw the cutest Juicy Couture Charm, of course it turns out to be a hard to find one, but I've tracked one down on eBay. Its a fortune cookie--my nickname is cookie. At first I thought maybe I could hang it on a bag...then started looking through eBay and saw the most wonderful Jack O Lantern, so I'm getting that one off eBay, a beach bag tote, cup of hot chocolate, pave padlock and key, a handbag charm (of course) and probably the gingerbread man. Of course then I needed a bracelet which I go from Neimans. I refuse to add up how much it came to. The charms are just so cute I thought we could start a thread on your charms and how you wear them. Wish I could show the pictures but they are off ebay and wouldn't want to have any issues with that..
  2. Here are some pics
    jc tote.jpg jc jack.jpg jc fortune cookie.jpg jcbagcharm.jpg
  3. A few more charms I picked, padlock, hot chocolate and gingerbread man
    jc padlock.jpg jc hot chocolate.jpg jc gingerbread.jpg
  4. SO cute! Congrats!!!

    I just got a charm bracelet so now I want all the charms!
  5. I love the jack-o-lantern!
  6. the Gingerbread man is too cute!!

    I have a few of these that I got when I was obsessed with them (May-July). I ended up returning the ones I didn't use and I've kept.. Heart Cherries Locket, Red Enamel Cherries, Coockoo (sp?) Clock, Juicy Logo Charm and there might be another 1 or 2 that I decided to keep.
  7. OMG... been there and back! LOL!
    That was my obsession last year.. but I stopped at 6 charms!
    I have to look for that Jack O Lantern though... too cute!
  8. OMG they are all so cute. I really love heart.
  9. Lol don't get me started, I'm obsessed! Let me dig up my pics.
  10. Here are some, I also recently got the martini glass, taxi cab, banana split, cuckoo clock and coffee travel mug, which aren't pictured, as well as the picnic basket, pink strawberry and caviar container that I got last year.
  11. LOVE the Jack O Lantern! Too cute! I was gonna get the mug and the gingerbread and this past xmas when they came out and I wish that I had...oh well, maybe one day on ebay :smile: I'm just leery of it, they have so many fake charms on there!

    I actually have the cupcake, the handcuffs, the milkshake, the palm tree, I sold the ice cream (it was too big!) the fan, and one or two more small ones that say juciy but aren't of anything in particular. I should get some more...LOL I love to attatch these to bags...they're just too cute!
  12. Great collection Rebecca!!
  13. LVBabydoll, I want to come to your house and play. What an awesome collection, which is your favorite.
  14. I just saw there were limited charms, do they just come out seasonal. Where do you shop for yours, who has the best selection?
  15. The nordstroms near me has the best, but, they dont always get the newest. I call the outlets a lot to see what new ones they get, and half the time when they have ones I want, they're half off. Plus, if I don't like 'um, if they're no longer being sold, you can re-sell them on ebay for more than what you paid for...I started the bidding really cheap and the last one I sold went for more than retail! :smile:
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