Nevrfull PM or MM


Neverfull Pm or MM?

  1. PM

  2. MM

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  1. Hi! Im 5"4 and I wonder what to get between PM and MM. TIA!
  2. MM :smile: actually, rgd your tall, PM & MM will be fit but go for MM, more roomy.
  3. Go for the MM.
  4. I like the MM the best
  5. All vote for MM ;)
  6. another vote for the mm
  7. I vote for the MM
  8. MM! the PM is so small.
  9. Get the MM! I have this size and :heart: it!
  10. I tried both of them on and found the MM slightly too big on me (5'2") and PM almost too small...but I think I like the PM better. If I want a bigger one then I would go with the BH.
  11. I've tried both of them on. I am 5'3" and I like the PM better. But if you have a lot of stuff, the MM should be fine as well, just a bit too big for my liking but not overkill.
  12. personally i choose the PM. I dont carry THAT much stuff and im 5'9" so perhaps the smaller bag might look weird, but i like it. If price is a dilema, go with the cheaper one :yes:
  13. I vote PM.
    The MM just looks WAY too big to me.

    If you don't have HUGE amounts of stuff to carry, the PM should be plenty.
  14. i would go with the MM.