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  1. hi does anyone know how to erase marks from neverfull leather? i don't want to try anything coz i'm afraid to do more damage. thanks
  2. you can check out the cleaning products in the frequently asked question thread...most simply use baby wipes to clean the dirt away...
  3. alright thanks:smile:
  4. baby wipes or an eraser should work.
  5. may i know what kind of eraser? thanks in advance
  6. magic eraser ( mr clean)
  7. What did you get on your bag?
  8. ^ nothing, my MIL got me one from san francisco coz its out of stock here in manila, and my friend went to hongkong so i asked her if its available there but its out of stock in hongkong as well. so my MIL got me one and it arrived yesterday but i noticed the marks on the leather i'm really not sure where it came from, i'm thinking maybe caused by the leather rubbing together, but not sure. also one side is not aligned, and nothing against made in usa LVs but i still don't own any made in france LV..the other 2 i own are made in spain. so i'm hoping i can atleast erase the marks coz i really really love neverfull..
  9. Erasers would work but be careful not to be too abrasive especially on new vachetta!
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