Neverfull PM vs MM

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  1. Hi guys,
    I'm looking to get a Neverfull in either PM or MM but I can't decide. The fact that there is such a huge discrepancy in size between the two is what's making it hard for me to decision. I'm looking to use this as an everyday handbag and would like to be able to put it on my shoulder. I take the train into the dt core during the week so it's quite uncomfortable during the rush hour with a hand/arm bag. I'm about 5'6", 125lbs. So if anyone is a similar build, modelling pics would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, I'm sure that there's already a thread like this out there, so if any of you guys would know the link, again, I would greatly appreciate it! If you guys have any suggestions as to what would look more appropriate on my frame, that'd be great! I'm just soooo torn and confused!
  2. There are lots of pictures in the clubhouse. The PM is much smaller than the MM. I would definitely recommend the MM. I just used mine on a trip to NYC and it made me fall in love with it all over again - it holds so much, yet easy to manage.
  3. mm def!
    its roomy and comfy
    the pm is so tiny
  4. I agree. The pm is small so I went with the mm and love it!
  5. Get the MM, PM is too small!
  6. MM for sure!
  7. Thank you so much guys! I'll definitely go for the MM!
  8. Mm
  9. AHHH! As much as I like the Neverfull, the DF and I compromised that if I wait til Christmas, he'll get me a Petit Noe!! I've always wanted one since my mom had one when she was younger. It'll be hard to wait that long but WOOO!
  10. You'll love the Petit Noe. It's well worth the wait. But if you do eventually get a Neverfull, go with the MM size definitely.
  11. I'm so excited! And yes, thank you for everyone's insight! I'll definitely end up with the MM one of these days. I just hope they don't discontinue it in the Damier Ebene any time soon!
  12. Mm cant go wrong
  13. Mm
  14. Mm!
  15. go for the MM. i had a PM and ended up selling it so i could buy the MM instead.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.