Neverfull MM or GM?

  1. If I need to fit a large-size book and a folder or 3-ring binder, is the MM big enough? Or I better go for the GM?


  2. Hey I had a Neverfull MM, I can fit my clipboard binder with no trouble. I am not sure how "large" ur book is going to be...but for me I can fit books in it too!! I tried on the GM too and it's too big....i mean it really depends on your size too, i'm about 5"3. Hope that helps.:yes:
  3. Thanks! I am 5'3 too.
    I think the MM would be perfect then!
  4. I think the MM size will be fine.

  5. Agree that MM would probably be best! GM is really big!!
  6. I'd go with the GM- the extra space could come in handy when you have more to carry.
  7. I'm 5'2 and always go for the GM in any bag.