Neverfull MM for university (school)?

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  1. Hey :smile: I saw a few YouTube videos on this but I'm still unsure whether or not this bag would suit me. I'm about 5'4, medium build, so I think the damier ebene MM size is more suited to my frame, however I have heard that more people use the GM for school/uni...

    I am in the health/medical field, so I do have to be able to fit things like an anatomy textbook, MacBook Air 13 inch, and a notebook or two, plus other essentials like a small agenda, pencil case, small cosmetic pouch and a small umbrella, plus wallet/phone/keys/water bottle. I know it sounds like a lot, but it's just basic stuff I would need on a daily basis. (I do need a lab coat on some days but I have a separate bag for that).

    So I'm just confused as to whether a neverfull would work for my needs and whether it would be too heavy with the thin straps, or be too exposed (since there is no zipper). Any advice is helpful! Thanks in advance xx
  2. I had the NF MM Mono last semester and sold it to fund my NF GM. GM is so much more handy. It fits more, its very easy to fit my laptop, and since its bigger its less heavy, as my mm would get so packed my shoulder would almost fall off! I suggest the GM for sure!
  3. Thanks for your advice :smile: the only thing I'm worrying about is that the GM might look too big/bulky for my size? :/
  4. I thought so too but I promise, as the days pass it feels smaller and smaller.

    I fit a 13 inch macbook pro, 2 note books, a medium ring agenda, a cosmetic pouch gm, a wallet, and an umbrella. If you want I can send you a pic of how everything fits so you can get an idea for how perfect it fits and how the MM might be TOO small.
  5. If you could upload a picture of that to this thread I would really appreciate it, thank you! :smile: also, does the open top worry you? I'm used to using zippered bags for uni but the lining of the neverfull has grown on me lol! The thing that worries me most is losing things or something being stolen :sad:
  6. This is it closed and all the items inside

    I tend to tuck my laptop under the large flap inside because it keeps my laptop from leaning to one side and just helps me keep it organized. It really fits a lot!! I love it
    image-4022600037.jpg image-503228456.jpg
  7. I use my Neverfull GM and Speedy 40 for school, big bags but they work very good. Even the Neverfull GM seems small sometimes for school, the MM is to small I think. GM is not that big btw! =)
  8. +1
  9. When I was in college I used my DE Neverfull MM. It held my 13" MacBook and my other stuff with room to spare. With a MacBook Air, you should have no problem carrying that with a binder, notebook, and textbook (depending on the sizes) along with your wallet and stuff. You would have more room if you got the GM. However, I thought that it would be too big for me should I use the bag without my school stuff in it. I now use mine for work and travel since I'm out of college. For me the MM was the perfect size.
  10. ^^ viacarolina I've used the same textbook as you!

    I use the MM for school but just to let you know, there's not much space for your bag in class. Often I have to place it on the floor :nogood:
  11. General psych? Yes I used it last semester but it was a good size to explain lol!

    Oh that's true!! I always put my bag on the floor unfortunately especially if your in a big university like FSU for me, so be prepared lol
  12. I use my Neverfull GM for school, and I think it's the perfect size: you can fit everything you could possibly need with some room to spare. It doesn't feel heavy as it is a very light bag, and it is not even that big! I was worried about the fact that you can't close it, but I have a purse organizer with a zipper inside it where I keep my wallet and phone so that they are not exposed, and it works nicely.

    I'm quite tall, but I see many petite girls at the university carrying the GM size and it looks great!
  13. Yes I agree however I don't use a purse organizer and if you decide not too for sure go for a base shaper cause it keeps all your items stable
  14. I use the MM for uni and it fits everything I need fine (wallet, pochette, glasses, Macbook Air 13"/iPad, notebook, textbook, pens, small agenda). Things can poke out of the top which doesn't bother me but you'd probably be better off going for the GM if that is likely to concern you. Because the bag's under your arm most of the time, it'd be difficult to pinch anything large in your bag... the zip pocket fits a wallet, though.
  15. So true!!! Love my Neverfull GM DE!