Neverfull MM - diaper bag

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  1. For those of you who have used a Neverfull as your diaper bag (toddler), what did you use to keep your items (wallet, keys, phone) separate? I try to only keep necessary items, couple of diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snack and small toy.
  2. You could try a pochette accessoires to hold your own stuff.

  3. +1
  4. I put clothing and a diaper in a pochette accessoires and let the rest of the stuff mix together in the bag. I use a zipped organizer as keep them from digging around in my bag for snacks.
  5. Hi! Im planning to buy a Neverfull GM to be used as diaper bag. I found this tote savvy thing to organize Neverfull as Diaper Bag you might wanna consider. In the video she uses a GM size but they said in their blog that MM might also do but a little on the tighter side. Take a look! I'm not personally connected to them but I do definitely want to buy one.
  6. I don't have any kids but I've used my GM as a school tote or for travelling. I just use the zippered pouch inside to hold most of my essentials (phone, wallet, and keys) and the main compartment for everything else although occasionally I'll also use a Pochette Accessories (my NF is from 2013 and didn't come with a pochette). Everything else just gets tossed into the main compartment and rolls around unless I decide to cinch up the sides.
  7. Tote savvy 😃
  8. Whats your GM? Mono, Azur or DE?
  9. DE...I love that red interior!
  10. From there website..
  11. Actually I love that!! A little more than the mono 😟😣 Maybe because I already have the mono speedy and just learned about the history of the DE. But I am really really frightened about the cracking/peeling issues of the DE lately. Im gonna get a GM soon. What do you do with your DE? Do you cinched it or just leave it open? Does it stain your things inside? I've learned that the red interior tend to color transfer to lighter ones.
  12. Each canvas and leather has it's own strengths and weaknesses, with DA colour transfer is a big thing and, at least for a while, mono was having troubles with blistering and peeling. So far LV seems to have fixed the mono canvas and the leather for DE, but if something was to occur it would be taken care of given the this point it's worth trying instead of always wondering "what if?" :biggrin: I used to be on the hook after my first NF but so far my second is a gem and it has encouraged me to buy the Delightful MM, Emilie wallet, Pochette Accessories, and key cles in the same print...all without issue or concern.

    I leave my NF un-cinched because of how I use it (school and travelling) and also because I prefer the look of it left open, but to each their own. It's a big bag but still very manageable.
    I've only ever had one issue of colour transfer but it was an unusual one-time event; I got caught in an automated lawn sprinkler and the interior got a bit damp, the heat and humidity of the day was high, and my DA pochette was resting against the side and inadvertently kept rubbing up against the red lining resulting in a pink transfer. DA is notorious for that but since then neither my NF, Delightful, or DE Pochette have leaked colour onto any of my was clearly a mixture of bad luck and the 'perfect storm' that led to a one-off event. I'm confident in my bags and have tossed plenty of white things (such as a sweater) inside since and haven't had so much as a thread turn colour.
  13. I use my neverfull mm as a diaper bag and to keep everything organised and my own things easily accessible, I use a samorga organiser! It's the best. So impressed with it... Can't believe it took me this long to buy into the hype of purse organisers. I use this one

    I also use a mini pochette and a pm cosmetic pouch to separate things further.