Neverfull MM - diaper bag

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  1. I'm thinking of just using the mm as my diaper bag but getting it in de. Does this look to stuffed though? It's the mm in mono but being only 5 foot I feel like the gm may over power me

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  2. I use a bunch of different bags on different days. I have 3 children under 5.
    My favorite diaper bag is a vera bradley convertible diaper bag, it's everything I love about the Speedy b in a diaper bag. I love the top handles.

    I have used a neverfull as a diaper bag, but wouldn't really recommend it. It's nice to have an actual diaper bag that works for you. You could put baby food in a ziploc. I'll put a separate bag for bottles inside my neverfull on the rare occasion that I want a bottle/sippy cup.
    Most of the time I'll just throw diapers, wipes, and a nursing cover into a bigger purse and use that.
    I have a coach diaper bag and hate it, it's just bulky and the inside is hard to clean. I like juicy couture diaper bags because the interior is easy to clean.
    Vera Bradley is my favorite because it's machine washable and the convertible one is nice if I want to change from messenger to bookbag, to handheld.
    Sorry for the long post. I hope it helps.
  3. Thanks! I have an actual diaper bag but I'm so attached to my lvs (lol) I'll miss using a bag
  4. I use my NF mm as a mommy bag. All I keep in there is my essentials and a few bottles while we're out. It's not the most practical bag so I don't always use it. Diapers and wipes go in my actual diaper bag that's usually sitting in my car. The best all around bag I've found so far is actually my Longchamp LePliage. I know it's not glamorous but it's easy.
  5. I only used my neverfull mm as a diaper bag if I was carrying it that day. I would only put a couple of diapers and wipe and bottles. I didn't want to overload it and have it too heavy because it would hurt my shoulder.
  6. Looks pretty much like my Neverfull MM did the first year of my son's life :smile:
  7. Did you think you needed more room? Or use an organizer or something?
  8. I used my LV Neverfull MM as a diaper bag - at first - but honestly, you have to carry soooo much around that it got really heavy. As a result, the straps started cutting into my shoulder....

    I switched to a Tory Burch diaper bag - LOVE IT. Still do, and my littles are 2 and 4 so I don't really need a diaper bag that much anymore....

    Good luck!
  9. Have you considered Totally MM in DE for this purpose? The zip top would be great. The bag could easily hold diapers, wipes, toys, bottles Andre outside pocket. I think it'd be more functional and you wouldn't need to worry about losing something.
  10. I really liked my Rebecca Minkoff diaper bag! Otherwise what about a backpack LV?
  11. The MM was a perfect size for me. I never felt like I needed more room. I also didnt use an organizer but i didnt use bottles or pacifiers for my son either so i had a little more room than other moms who used those items. And, being 5'1, I felt that the GM was way too big.

    I have two babies now and I still find my Neverfull useful. I'll post a what's in my bag tomorrow if you are interested.
  12. Yes that would be great!
  13. I had a totally mm and sold it because with just my stuff in it felt like it was kinda heavy
  14. I have the Neverfull GM in DE that I'm going to use for my Diaper bag and I'm 5'2. It isn't too big for me and im super petite. I also have a NF MM in DE I use for just my things. I enjoy them both. =)
  15. I've thought about this... Although i'm not yet a mother to a child, i am planning on one day getting the totally and using that as a diaper bag since is has a zipper and 2 outside pockets.