Neverfull GM or Speedy 35?

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  1. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and Louis Vuitton so I am in need of your advice. I am making my first purchase soon and am torn between the Neverfull GM and the Speedy 35, both in Damier Ebony canvas. Which do you consider to be the most classic, versatile, etc.? Thanks in advance! :smile:

  2. :welcome2: to LV Forum, Dariela. The speedy to me is the most classic and most versatile among the 2.
  3. Speedy. I don´t like the open top on the NF. And speedy can be dressy and casual, not so the NF IMHO.
    Good luck deciding and welcome to the Forum. You`ll soon find out, LV is reall addicting...
  4. I like the neverful and think it maybe an easier bag due to the fact it is a shoulder bag. I just bought a speedy and haven't used it so i am not sure how practical they are due to the fact it can't be worn on the shoulder. I also use my neverful for travel and find it very inconvient, sturdy and holds a lot.
  5. sorry made a mistake--neverful is very convenient for travel!!!
  6. Speedy 35 classy and so hot!!!!!!!!
  7. IFFAH- Thanks for the welcome! I am so easy to convince so your answer was perfect. lol

    CoeurVernis- I agree about the open top on the NF... It is a downfall IMO. I'm scared of becoming addicted or prejudiced towards my not so HE bags, but I think I deserve an LV!
  8. Agreed, i'd prefer it much more than a Neverfull GM
  9. I have both the NF and damier speedy 35 and they are both great bags! You can't go wrong with either one. However, I think it would be really nice to start your collection with a speedy :smile: GL deciding.
  10. Speedy is a classic.

    If it doesn't matter if the bag is shoulder or handheld, then get the speedy.
  11. I have them both and i reccomend both.
    But if you're not a handheld type, go for the neverfull.
    I don't mind the open top. i always carry a shawl anyway so i put that on top or like now it's raining abit i just use a dustbag and put my stuff in there :smile: very easy and anti-theft shopping freindly :smile:
    Good luck!
  12. both are great. Can't go wrong with either
  13. speeeedy
  14. Speedy gets my vote!
  15. Speedy for sure!:tup::heart: