Neverfull GM/MM or Batignolles Horizontal?

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  1. Dear TPF........

    Which one should I buy, Neverfull GM/MM or Batignolles Horizontal?
    I will use it as my daily bag.......
    Fyi, I'm on waiting list for Tivoli GM also........(I need a bag with zip).
    If I already hav Tivoli, should I buy Batignolles Horizontal? Or better to choose Neverfull?
    Batignolles.jpg Neverfull GM.jpg
  2. BH for sure! Everyday I like my Neverfull MM less and just seems so flimsy!
  3. Go the BH! :tup:
    :heart: it!
  4. I have both.. and I prefer the neverful ! It's just much more comfortable to wear.
  5. Absolutely BH!!!
  6. BH.. or Montorgrueil
  7. Another BH vote!
  8. Neverfull is def. more comfortable/less stiff to wear IMO! Or I agree with the Montorgueil suggestion ill probably get that too :p
  9. really apreciate your respond my dearest friends.......:smile:
    can you all tell me the reason why did you choose to buy Neverfull or BH?
    because...Im'm relay.....really confuse to decide.......:confused1:
    the price is not so different........and both of them seem soooo...cute.......:tup:
  10. The lining in the Neverfull is adorable... but I couldn't get past the flimsy nature of the straps and sides of the bag. It kept flopping in on itself.
    I prefer the more rigid nature of the BH.. and also, I prefer the hardware on the straps.. just seems more solid to me.

    This is just my opinion.. I hope I don't offend anyone. :s
  11. bh. i love the thicker straps
  12. BH!!! lol
  13. Dear all......

    Thanks for sharing.....I've made my decision and made my purchase...
    And..................I choose Batignolles Horizontal over Neverfull.....
    I tried Neverfull GM & MM, and I didn't like both of them....
    The MM is too small for me (I love big bag...)
    The GM is great, but....I just like it with the draw closed. Whe you open the really really a huge bag......
    So...I decide to pick Batignolles Horizontal yesterday...and it's a great bag.....:tup:

    Love you all......:smile:
  14. I prefer the BH for everday bag ... the Neverfull GM that I have I only use as an overnight bag and tote to carry my work related items I need for work.
  15. Glad you chose the BH! IMO its a more professional looking bag- Good choice! :okay: