Neverfull bleeding issue?

  1. I remember a while back right after the Neverfull came out there was a "bleeding" issue..did that ever get resolved? Did everybody get new bags/store credit/refunds or LV fixed the problem? TIA:smile:
  2. Anyone???
  3. *bump* ;)
  4. I think I remember reading about that... I think the person's Pursket bled in it... so doubt they got a new one from LV for that... sorry I don't know if this helped...
  5. Yes, it was the purseket that bled on it. Don't think they replaced it...
  6. I actually read a few posts where people said the inner lining of the bag was transfering color onto the vachetta on the top rim of the neverfull when it rubbed against the opposite side. They returned them, I think. It never happened to mine - at least not that I have noticed.
  7. yep...the lining of the bag transferred colour onto the vachetta on my neverfull, i asked for an exchange but they wouldn't give me one so im still using it...doesnt really bother me anymore...i remember some other girls got an exchange...the thread i posted doesnt seem to be on tpf anymore
  8. it happened to me. i just wiped it off with baby wipes. and voila its gone! however i noticed that since i kept using baby wipes the vachetta is starting to patina faster.. but it's even and not dirty so its a lovely honey shade at the moment.
  9. OMG i just noticed my Neverfull's rim is getting the color transfer from the interior :crybaby:only used it 3 times and had it for 2 months. advice please

    so did anyone get to exchange or return?