Neverful NM GM...FYI

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  1. I don't know if this had been posted yet, I haven't seen it if it has. I was just at my LV store and they're now selling the Neverful pouchette as a "repair" piece. The actual pouchette is $300.00 US and the strap is sold separately for $90.00 US.
  2. are all of the color combinations available? thanks for posting this.
  3. I wanted the DE but there's an 8 week wait so I got a MC with original beige lining. They also had MC with an orange color lining, everything else was not in stock. The store manager was helping me and she said more colors will be available and the DA and DE canvas will be there eventually along with the Epi canvas in which ever colors of Epi the bag is available in.
  4. Oh wow. Thanks for posting. I didn't know.
  5. I have the DE Neverfull with the pochette. Does this mean they would sell me the monogram Neverfull pochette or do I have to have the monogram Neverfull bag first? Thank you for posting.

  6. Can buy the piece wether you have a Neverful or not. I specifically asked.
  7. I called and asked my SA and she said there is a global policy that no one can buy this piece without owning the NF and bringing in the damaged pochette.
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