Neverful MM VS Batignolles vertical

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  1. I am so excited! :yahoo:I have decided to spend $$$ and get 2 LV bags! Once and if my dh finds out there will be a lot of explaining and justifying to do! :sweatdrop:

    So i need buy to right ones, because i will keep them for life!:yes:

    Which ones do you prefer and would you recommend, pros and cons? :confused1:

    Neverful MM or Batignolles vertical?

    Speedy 25 or Speedy 30? Mono or Damier (it's my first LV bag)

    I will need a bag to carry a three ring binder, and a book or two, water bottle.
    Of course the speedy will be my first brand new LV bag and every girl must have, so i read in this forum.

    I planning to buy them around November :love: my birthday if not before, if i can make up my mind, hopefully i will get a lot of help here.

  2. Neverfull MM
    Speedy 30 (Damier)
  3. I would go for Neverfull MM
    and speedy30 mono :smile:
  4. BH...i think it would be good for carrying notebooks...

    and a damier speedy!
  5. Batignolles V and Damier speedy
  6. BV & Damier 30 gets my vote!!:tup:
  7. Neverfull!
  8. I vote for the BV and the damier 30!
  9. Neverful and speedy 30 in Damier. Though I think a Bh would work better for your comfort when carrying books. Congrats!
  10. i have both the neverfull and BV. Neverfull looks more casual, and can fit it a whole lot more. but BV is more formal, good for going to work and stuffs. BUt btween the two, i like BV more because it has more of a structure.

    and i'll grab the damier speedy!
  11. BV and damier speedy 30
  12. another BV and damier speedy 30 vote here! have both, love both :p
  13. BV and mono speedy 30!
  14. Neverfull: You can change its shape with the drawstrings on either side, AND you can turn it inside out (so, it's like 2 bags in one). Since a Speedy is on your mind, go for the Damier in a size 25. Normally, I would suggest the Mono canvas speedy but you'll already be buying the neverfull or batignolles in Mono. I like the size 25 since your shoulder bag will be large, get a smaller Speedy. Good luck!
  15. I have BV and it's great for carrying notebooks~ As for Neverfull MM, I have heard that the straps will dig into your shoulder if the bag gets too heavy but I still think it's cute.

    For Speedy I think 25 is super cute, but many have raved about how roomy 30 can be. And since you're going for BV or Neverfull, I would pick Damier for a variety unless you want a Damier Neverfull which is nice too :amuse:

    So my vote goes for BV and Damier Speedy 30 :yes: