Never say Never: a new bag followed me home!

  1. I went to Theresa this morning after thinking all night should I get the greige purse or not. When the SA went to the back to get out the greige purses she had I was just looking at the B-bag on the shelf and there she was: the perfect purse in sapin:yes: The leather was just TDF without any veins and marbeling and super soft. :love: Actually I never liked green a lot but this one was different. Funny thing is that the sapin works much better with my wardrobe (beige, brown, jeans, pink) than the greige does. So it took me about a minute to make up my mind: the sapin is made for me and not the greige.
    I saw the new style "afternoon" in caramel and I didn't like the colour because it has an orange undertone.
    Back home I introduced her to her new siblings and conditioned and sprayed her with the Apple products.
    So for now I'm complete because I want to use and enjoy the bags I've got before any new member can join the family:smile:
    balpurse 005.jpg
  2. Wow! It's so does the leather compare to s/s 05? It looks fantastic. Nice color. Congrats!!!
  3. Nice! Congrats on your new addition!
  4. Congrats, Tanja!!!! The leather looks amazing on your Sapin Purse!!! :yahoo: Sooo thick and smooshy looking!:love:
  5. WOW, you're not kidding when you say no veins. You made a GREAT choice! :heart:
  6. The leather is thick and smushy and after conditioning the shine disappears. I actually like the sapin and the grenat a lot more than my cornflower because the leather is much nicer.
  7. Thanks girls, you're sooo sweet!:smile:
  8. Congrats Tanja! Happy Birthday! Hey- now you and Sapin have the same Bday right????

    Did you like the shape/size of the part time?
  9. LOVE the leather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Congratulations! Your Sapin Purse looks lovely.
  11. Congrats, she's a beauty.
  12. The bag is lovely.And I love how there isn't too much marbling in the leather.Gorgeous bag! Congrats.
  13. Tanja, the leather on your new bag is incredible. She is a beautiful addition to your family!
  14. Zac: it wasn't the part time it was this afternoon tote. I thought the shape was a bit weird and it was quite heavy. I would prefer any other stle than this. Yeap sapin and me can celebrate n the sale day, now :smile:
  15. oh, it's beautiful... congratulations, nice color and yummy leather too