Never saw anything like this

  1. Ive never saw this before, does anyone know when louis vuitton produced this ?? :confused1:

    eBay Item number: 300126668266
  2. Whatever it is, it's not very pretty!! I don't even think it's real!!
  3. I was thinking the same thing, the diamonte's are :yucky:, But this seller is MPRS :confused1:
  4. Umm perhaps it's LE and released a few years ago or only avalaible in UK :confused1:
  5. Ooh looks like fake?? :shocked: I guess it's a consign item by her friend
  6. Vuitton tags don't look like that
  7. Never saw any scarf like this, sure it's a fake.
  8. omg mypoupette member selling a fake :wondering
  9. report it to mypoupette see what they say
  10. That scarf looks awful! There's no way that could be real...
  11. Im sooooooooooo worried about buying on eBay now, this has made me 100% worse
  12. This seller is more than legit, I bought many LV items from her. She also gets a lot of vip items. This scarf might be a prototype or runway scarf.
  13. ^^^ That could very well be... I would love to see a closer pic of the tag

  14. the only things that worries me are the diamonte's which look really cheap, like stick on ones. The label is off, I own 3 Louis Vuitton Scarfs/Bandeau and none are like this, on that scarf the label looks like some sort of paper.