Never post "WANT IT NOW" on ebay

  1. Awhile ago, I posted how I wanted a certain LV LE wallet and a fellow tPF suggested I posted "WANT IT NOW" on eBay. I was just flooded with sellers soliciting to sell fakes. Unfortunately this is such a waste of time. Do you guys ever experience that?
  2. I think LV WIN listings are probably real magnets for counterfeiters, because I have listed and relisted WINs for past season Chloe items I want (being very careful to say; 'No fakes, please!') and have only had a few counterfeit offers. :smile:

    What I did find, though, was that I got several offers of completely unrelated items and no offers of the items I was interested in! :shrugs:
  3. ^^^^ yep! i had the SAME experience. btw, chloe what is sherlock? i know what sofa king is, obviously, lol!
  4. I was thinking about that too. Yeah, chloe, tell us. :yes:
  5. I think sometimes it helps to post what you are looking for! I agree about the "NO FAKES PLEASE" thing! I would report EVERY fake bag that was emailed to me ;)