net-a-porter ?

  1. Hi,
    does anyone know this shop. It looks great. Since I have been looking around admiring paddys. Which will probably be my next purchase after the Tod's T. I came upon this site which is based in the UK I believe ( which is practical for me) and prices seem fine to me infact they sell around 1000 euros and in my shop here they are about 1400 euros.

    I remember there being a thread about good websites selling only authentic stuff but I can't find it anymore so if anyone knows this shop can you please let me know.

    Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  2. Yes NAP is authentic and they give very good service.
  3. Net-A-Porter is fabulous, one of our most trusted advertising partners and favorite stores!
  4. Oh great that's good to know...internet can be a real jungle.
  5. Yeh, Net-A-Porter is definately one of the best online websites, purchased many items from their in past!! It is excellent, adn cones beautifully packed!!!!
  6. ^ I agree, NAP are the best for service, delivery and packaging! :yes:
  7. i agree too, net a porter is one of my favourite online shops :smile:
  8. Ditto. Love NAP.
  9. NAP is great. It is actually the official online Chloe store.
  10. One of the best sites to purchase hard to find designer items.:rolleyes:
  11. Net a porter is awesome. Quick shipments and no hassle returns.
  12. Yup, NAP rocks my friend! Their service is the best.
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