Net-A-Porter New York - Yes!

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  1. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this thread, but wanted to share a recent experience. If not, thanks Mods, for reclocating it!


    I had ordered from NAP's London warehouse previously - never a complaint or problem from my end. Always received what was expected in a relatively timely manner, and always appreciated the fact that NAP took care of Customs duties, etc.

    Earlier this week I ordered a Mulberry from NAP, knowing the shipping would now be out of the US. Today, rather quickly after placing an order, a HUGE box arrived via DHL. Opening it was like right out of a 1950's movie!

    Inside the 3'x2'x1' shipping box was an equally large, black, lidded NAP gift box, the lid of which was neatly secured to the bottom with an embellished black gross-grain ribbon and bow. The box itself was made of thick and heavy cardboard, similar to that of a vintage hat box. All very elegant - very Audry Hepburn!

    Inside the box were several layers of black tissue paper, and underneath that was my bag, not only in the Mulberry dust bag, but all enclosed in an additional NAP dust bag.

    What fun! I felt treated and wonderful and first-class. I've saved the beautiful box for future storage. Kudos to Net-A-Porter!
  2. I live in HK..and got the same royal treatment when I odered from NAP. I use my black box to store all of my chargers (phone, camcorder, etc....). It was so nice to get a package wrapped that way...just like X-mas!
  3. Hi -- but they always sent things in a black box (out of the UK) before -- with the ribbon and all. So that isn't a new thing for them.

    I have nothing but good things to say about this company -- they are prompt, send products beautifully packaged and are quick to respond to customer queries.
  4. :shrugs: So do they always post from ny from now on?? Or can you choose if you want it shipped from the uk? I want to order from the Uk so I don´t have to pay customs:hysteric:
  5. I'm pretty sure you can choose the origin.

    There is an icon in the upper left hand corner which lets you pick prices in USD or BP.

    I had never received anything from them in "the black box" before, so it was a new treat for me. Might be because everything I had purchased previously from them was on sale? :P