Neiman Marcus' La Mer Facial Event....have you been?

  1. I went to buy some La Mer products at Neiman's and got invited to have a La Mer facial. Sounded good so I am going. Has anyone attended one of these events? I assume it's complimentary since I am sure they will want me to indulge in some more products which I am sure I will. But just wondering about your thoughts. Thanks Ladies!
  2. I recently got a invite to the Jo Malone event at NM. Haven't decided if I'm going to attend yet. I've received a YSL facial at Nordstrom, they simply take you to the back and apply the products. Explain what each product does and is for then ask if you want to purchase anything and if you like the results. I didn't purchase any of the skin care just make-up. Its a nice experience but there will be pressure to buy the products but since you plan to anyway, then it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. I have gone to a Cle de peau event at NM for a facial. Its lovely but you
    are expected to buy a product.. There is some sales pressure for that
    & there is no charge for the face treatment..
  4. Thanks for your replies! Is it a full on spa facial or a "sit up in a chair and lemme put some stuff on you" type of facial? I do want some products but if it is a "mini" facial, I'd rather skip it.
  5. I know when NM had a Kiehl's event (with people from Kiehl's corporate, as opposed to just the store associates), they had somewhat more in-depth consultation, a LOT harder of a sell/push towards the products they recommended, and a very nice extra "today only" gift with purchase (normal sized jar of facial moisturizing cream, an offer that stacked with their brand-specific and store-wide event GWPs).

    I've personally had no problems with returning or exchanging items I felt were not right for me after the event, though...including "opened and used a couple times" products.

    I would call and ask one of the La Mer associates at the store to explain what the facial event involves...including asking how long the session will be. I think the only guarantee of it being a "true" facial is if the store has a large screened off area (saw one of those at Origins in Dillard's recently), or if the store has an actual in-store spa where the event/treatment will be (some of the larger NM and Nordstrom stores have spas, though I think in NM its a leased department).
  6. I've experienced a LaMer facial event at Saks, and it was very nice. It was a "real" facial (in a private room) and was done by a LaMer esthetician who travels just doing these events. I was able to get some great info as to how products differed (because some of them sound *so* much alike!) and there wasn't pressure to buy. I had planned a purchase so I *did* buy something but the SA didn't push an upsell. I did get a ton of samples so I could compare and contrast some similar items, and overall it was a great experience.
  7. I had an Estée Lauder facial at NM and it was very nice and relaxing. I expected much less from it it.
  8. yes i have many times! i actually love and hate them lol. they pamper you but they do try to sell on top of it for future!