Negative reactions to LV?

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  1. Hi guys, this is an odd question, but I've been having some odd experiences with my new LV multicolore cles. The cles itself is great, but people's reactions to me have really changed since I've been carrying it. I live in a medium-sized college town, and when I use it on campus girls either ogle it or glare at me :sad: I'm not joking, maybe they're jealous, but it's still really uncomfortable. And today I was getting a smoothie and the girl helping me was really sweet until I pulled out the cles. She looked at it, and was REALLY curt and rude to me after that. I sort of understand why. I mean, it does look like I'm showing off my nonexistent wealth, when I'm just a fan of the multicolore line. It's gotten to the point where at least here I think carrying LV automatically labels you as shallow. I don't think that at all, obviously, I'm a big fan of LV. But aside from my epi pochette (which I carry all the time and nobody recognizes) and my damier papillon (likewise), I'm really tempted to sell off my LV pieces.

    Have you guys experienced the same feelings? I'd guess in NY, LA, or a big city that LV is more prevalent and you don't get those sort of reactions. But I think I've picked the wrong city to start a LV collection in! :cry:
  2. I'm sorry you're getting that treatment! But, don't feel down for your good taste. It's their problem, not yours. Don't sell your stuff because other people don't like you carrying it. Keep it because you're a big fan of LV, like you said. Either they are jealous, or apalled that you spent so much money on it. But I'm sure they would buy it if they had the money. Moral of my story, ignore everyone and bask in the beauty of your LVs!!!
  3. I'm So Sorry That Happened. That Was Very Rude Of The Girl Helping You Or Any One Else Glaring (I Think They Are Jealous). I Don't Think You Should Sell Them. You Love Them & That Is Why You Bought Them In The 1st Place.
  4. Where I live I don't get that at all (Phx/Scottsdale, AZ). They're far too common around here. However, I will say this: DON'T SELL YOUR PIECES!!! You bought them b/c you enjoy them and their craftsmenship. If jealousy or animosity exist with the other girls, that's their problem and their own insecurities. Carry what you love and adore and to he** w/ what anyone else thinks!!!!!!!
  5. either ogle it or glare at me :sad: I'm not joking, maybe they're jealous
    Sorry to hear people are giving you grief over this .. I'd say yep its just that. Please dont let people like that bother you.. try and shrug it off and just jealousy. If this is something you enjoy using and carrying around go for it!
  6. That's so sad. You should go somewhere where they appreciate LV. It's so weird coz I go to school in Minnesota and it's kind of like that here. I would just say go with your heart if you love it then keep on collecting!
  7. Do not sell them!!! This is just the start of your collection. Keep adding to it and maybe one day you will live in a place where fine items are appreciated, then think of the collection you'll have!!!!
  8. I know how you feel because I am the type that "cares what ppl think", too. People always say - "who cares what they think? do they pay your bills"? But it is hard to not feel badly after someone gives you a dirty look or treats you badly. So basically I know how you feel but since you like the bag you should keep right on carrying it and to hell with them!
  9. Unfortunately, these people are either immature or jealous of you. I would ignore them and go about your merry way.
  10. I agree with what everyone else's saying. Do not sell your LVs. I live in Laguna Beach so LVs are very common, so I never experienced what you are experiencing. You love your LVs, so don't worry about what others think. Most likely they are just jealous.
  11. Dont let other people get to you vanojr, I dont think you should have to sell off the things you love just because people are ignorant.

    I guess they get the wrong impression, like only rich spoiled brats can afford things like that and thats not fair because they have to work hard for what they own. What they dont realize is that mostly everyone works their arses off to get these designer things. They're just ignorant to assume.
  12. vanojr9,

    I think that you have been a victim of a strange trend, rather than people being happy that you have a new fun bag/car/shoes/etc they become hostile and angry, as if somehow by you having it you have taken something away from them. It used to be that if we saw someone who had some swell stuff, we just worked hard to get those items too. What a drag.
  13. Ignore them. If you love it that much, you won't see it. I only care what people think because of the area I live and work in. It isn't really safe so I watch myself. But no, don't sell them. I know you can't help feeling bad about it but it's them who have a problem and not you.
  14. Don't sell them because you've got a weirdo or two acting up. It's their issue, not yours.
  15. I've experienced these types of reactions where I live. I'm a LV loving, high heel wearing girl in a land of birkinstocks and hemp bags so I get glares and comments about being materialistic, blah, blah, blah. But I love my nice things and I'm not gonna give them up cause hopefully someday soon I'll be moving back to civilization! :lol: