Needing a new protective sleeper for bag...

  1. can you purchase one at any Hermes boutique? If you bring in the bag to prove you actually have one, will they allow you to purchase one? Curious as one MAY be coming to me from the UK (it's a vintage, belonged to a departed family member, the box is in BAD shape and it was wrapped in a silk pillowcase).


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  2. They don't charge for them if they have them in stock--you can just ask for one.

    The reason I say IF they have them on hand is that the last two bags I picked up from refurbishment at Madison Avenue were handed to me in plastic baggies. :confused1: Each time I was told they were "out of dustbags". What the?! They're the US flagship store!
  3. See, that's why I wonder if they're not really handed out except when a bag is purchased. Perhaps they are concerned that someone will include it w/a fake bag on eBay or use it to make copies and sell the copies as the "real thing". The idea of bringing in the bag came to me because of GF's who had purchased LV's on eBay, didn't receive a bag, took it into the boutique and were THEN told it was a fake.
  4. cjj, they do give you new sleepers if they have them when you take your bag in for cleaning/polishing without its sleeper. i just received a birkin back from cleaning today, and it was sent in plastic. that's never happened before. i always get the newest sleeper to keep my babies in, so they must be out right now. But, I highly recommend taking your bag in for a look at it by the pros just to be safe! Good luck and I hope it turns out all right.
  5. Just received a bag back from spa treatment, too, and it was stuffed in a plastic bag. They're out of the orange dust bags and waiting for arrival of the new creme colored ones. At least, that's the story I got when I asked.
  6. They are not sold seperately.

    I go to the same Hermes as Cynthia and Haute and had a similar experience except that they did give me a sleeper bag (after I paid $108 for cleaning) but only after I made a sad face. Initially, my bag was handed to me in a clear plastic also.:yucky:
  7. Man, I need a new sleeper...I'm going to wait another couple months and take my bag in for spa...I don't want the poor baby to come back to Mama in plastic!
  8. ^^Oh, maybe I should bring it it. I can make a very, very sad face too.
  9. Hee.

    I bet you can! RC, I think it would depend upon if you want the orange sleeper or not. I do think Millstream is right that H is waiting for the cream sleepers which is why they havent been handing out any sleepers recently.
  10. I actually mentioned to the SA that I didn't care what color the sleeper was, I just wanted something to protect the bag as I was going to be shlepping. :s I would have happily taken the old school velour one! Heck, i would have taken one from Coach if it had been available, LOL. As it was, I worried about the bags all day until I got home.

    Plastic and fine leather do not mix, in my opinion. :yucky:
  11. I just sent three bags to NYC six weeks ago for cleaning/refurbishing along with their orange sleepers and I only got one orange sleeper back. The other two bags were shipped in plastic. I called and the story I got was that they are out of sleepers and it could take two and a half months to receive the new ones.
    Well...I wonder what happened to the other orange ones I sent in which supposedly they couldn't find?
    CynthiaNYC...I loved those old school velour ones! Thanks goodness I didn't send the bags in those.
  12. So, should we all just wait until March 2008 and then ask for a sleeper? I will tell you that if someone shipped me a leather bag (esp a HERMES for cripes sake), I would be TICKED royally. As someone said earlier, plastic and leather do NOT mix. They KNOW this or at least they SHOULD. Sheesh!

    Thanks everyone. I'll wait and see how it looks should it arrive. Considering there are a few other family members there and I'm here; it may just wind up "disapearing". :sad:
  13. Grrr, that would make me mad. It just seems careless to me.

    I loved those old ones too! But the new toile ones are quite lovely too.
  14. I just took in My Birkin for monogramming Nov.12 When they gave it back to me it was in a velvet like dark beige bag. I know from reading these posts that it is an older one. This was at the Madison store.
  15. ^ That probably originally belonged to someone here :lol: