Need Your Opinion Plz!!

  1. Hello everybody!!

    I wanted your opinion on a bag I'm thinking of gettting!! I was on a waiting list for the dark brown caviar in the jumbo size. I get a call an hour ago saying that the bag is available :yes:! The hardware is Do u recommend me getting it in the silver or gold hardware? If anyone has posts with both hardwares can they post them plz??

    Thanks In Advance :flowers:
  2. I saw that bag in brown with the silver hardware and it was GORGEOUS. I recommend silver HW. Both of my Jumbos have silver HW and it gives it a more modern spin, plus it can be a tad more casual too. My jumbos are my favorite Chanel bag. They are so functional! I am hoping for a red Jumbo some day, but I did check out the brown the other day too. Here is a pic of my two jumbos with silver HW. You cant see much of the chain strap but you can see the silver clasp ;)

  3. luccibag they're gorgeous!!! you've put my mind to rest!! I'll post the pics as soon as i get it!!
  4. Shoog, happy to help!! Im sure you'll LOVE it.
  5. I saw the brown in the store and it is really pretty. Go for it. I love the silver hardware.
  6. Hi Luccibag, is that the beige in lambskin?
  7. I liked it, i have the silver one it is great. whenever i go carrying my Chanel silver bag, its catches the people's attention.
  8. definitely.. its a gorgeous bag!!
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