Need your opinion on MC accessory pochette

  1. I'm trying to decide whether to get one in black or white? what do you guys think?
  2. I love the pochette accessories in black. I have the wallet in black and love it!! Go for the black!
  3. I would get the black.
  4. I prefer black MC in general so yeah one more vote for black
  5. Vote for black here!
  6. I have both and use them both about the same, but looks wise, I like the black better.
  7. i like both colors but for accessories I would go with black.
  8. Thanks guys. I think all of you are right about the black one
  9. I have both and feel like I've used them equally..but I like the looks of the white. :yes:
  10. I had both and sold them both . i did love the black more ...i agree go for the black
  11. i think black is sexy

    i think white is girly


    i guess white
  12. White!
  13. I'd go for the black one ...
  14. I vote for the black mc!
  15. I love the Black.