Need your help to decide on my first Celine Mini Luggage

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  1. Hi Girls/Boys

    I am a Celine newbie. Recently just fall in love with Mini Luggage but with some questions and concerns. Hope you guys can help me to decide my first Celine bag

    I am looking for Black Celine Mini Luggage.

    1. This will be my first black bag. Yes~I own couple designer bags but non of them are black. I would like to know if Celine Mini Black Luggage is a "classic" bag and worth the money.
    2. Pebble leather vs Smooth leather. Which one to choose? By looking at pictures, i love both of them. I never seem the pebble leather in person so I would like to know your feedback/thoughts toward pebble leather. As far as smooth leather, is it the same material as the Trapeze or box bag? The concerns i have toward Pebble is I am afraid it looks dated and old. Smooth leather, I am afraid of the scratch and maintenance.
    3. I have seem and carry the bag in person last year in NM. I remember at that time, i like the design but not the weight of the bag. I tried to go back to NM again to see the bag one more time but they are all sold out. Can you girls tell me if the bag is heavy compare with Balenciaga Giant Hardware City bag or Celine Trapeze?
    4. Will you be able to wear this bag as shoulder bag?
    5. I am about 5'6" in height and 140 lbs. Do you think this bag is too big or small for my frame? I own a Large YSL Chyc Cabas and it is the biggest bag i have.

    thank you girls for your help and input on this!
  2. I have both smooth and pebbled. I like the texture of the pebbled and I love the luxurious feel of the smooth. If I have to choose, I prefer the smooth over pebbled. It does get heavy but I love that I can put everything and not be limited to what I have to bring when I go out due to its size. The luggage is a classic lign for Celine. Personally, I predict it will soon be iconic on its own. Black will always be classic :smile:

    Good luck deciding! :smile:
  3. Thanks for ur input!
    Will u b able to tell me which leather age better after use?
  4. I prefer smooth leather as it stands better.
    It is also more easily cleaned from my experience.
    Out of my 5 luggages, 4 r smooth leather
  5. Black's a classic colour so theoretically speaking you are able to buy it all year round. The smooth looks nicer IMHO although there have been concerns about it being more prone than the pebbled to scratches. For me a bag is meant to be used so I'm not bothered about scratches. I found the Mini as heavy as the Trapeze so both equally heavy there! You can wear the Mini over your shoulder so long as it fits but I've been doing it for the past week or so and it's not very comfortable as a shoulder bag. Still, there's no way you can go wrong with a Black Mini. It's timeless. :graucho:
  6. 1. absolutely classic. very elegant bag.
    2. i personally prefer smooth, it's really beautiful and especially chic with the gold hardware :loveeyes: (pebbled comes with silver)
    3. i find the mini heavier than the trapeze, but maybe that's because i carry my trapeze by the shoulder strap :P it's not much heavier than bal city with GHW - but remember it's WAY more structured so "in motion" i think it feels heavier than a bal city
    4. jennifer garner can! - see post #1664
    5. i think mini's a great size for your frame!

    HTH :biggrin: let us know what you decide!
  7. Thanks very much for ur input!
    After all tpfers input. I think I will just go for smooth leather. Now I just need to hunt one down :smile: