Need your advice...

  1. ;)Hi I'm nornally a Hermes girl but just tryed on the large saba in choc suede...and have kind of fallen in love...What do you girls think ? are they hard to get ,should i wait a while or will they be gone? What JC quality like ? And any other advice you may have for a Jimmy Choo novice...Thanks in advance...
  2. Hi and welcome!!

    I have the large Saba in Black suede and love it. I think the black and chocolate suede bags are so stylish and elegant. The bag is slouchy so while it is big, it conforms to your shape. I posted pics when I first got mine on here.

    As far as availability goes, it depends on which Choo boutique you call. I notice that on the Choc Saba in suede is now in stock. Some have waitlists, but others seem to be able to ship immediately. The Saba is one of the harder Choo bags to get because the quanitites produced for sale were so small. As far as waiting, I can't see this bag having enough inventory to be a part of the summer sales, but I could be wrong.

    JC quality is fabulous. Instead of nylon or cloth linings JC uses mole skin which is silky and fabulous. The leather and suede are high quality and I have never had any problems. The hardware is brass so I haven't had any problems with tarnishing/rust, etc.

    I say if you love it and can afford it, buy it! :tup:
  3. Choo bags are gorgeous bags. I have quite a few, but not the Saba. When it first came out I thought it would sell out right away, so you never know.
    If you really want it I would go ahead and get it. I lost out on my dream Choo because I waited too long!
  4. Well, my dear friend and fellow tPF'r first sent me a link to the Chocolate Suede Saba from Net-a-porter. I immediately fell in love :heart: - Thought I would take a ride to Short Hills to see if the JC store had it on display. Big mistake, HUGE! I can't get that darn bag out of my head. It is THAT gorgeous!!! At $2,450 + tax - I had to walk out empty handed, but, have been losing sleep ever since. Please God, let Net-a-Porter add that bag to their sale section :sweatdrop: I have never owned a Jimmy Choo, but, I have the feeling I will very soon. That bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I just got this bag in the bone ~ leather. The sales lady from Nordies whipped this bag out & I fell in love w/ it at first sight! The bracelets on this bag are so fabulous IRL!
  6. Is it bone? I thought it was white...^^^^
  7. Welcome keykey36 :flowers: (you have been missed lately :yes:)

    So glad to see you ventured into the Choo Forum :choochoo:and what a wonderful bag to start off your collection with :yahoo: Can't wait to see your modeling photos and hope to see you spending more time over here :hugs:
  8. ^"Bone" as in what everyone thinks of as bone or the "JC bone".... i.e. sage???