Need ur honest opinion,+ wanted to share MY collection;)

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  1. Please give me your honest opinion re: my expresso sabrina and her "bling", do you like or too much?:confused1:
    Also just wanted to share with u, my collection, (after I was all done I remembered that the pic is missing one, I also have the Large Bleeker sig. in chocolate. Now some-one please tell me that I have plenty, and to stop searching for the Teal Julianne!:wlae:

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  2. I personally love lots of "bling"... so i think it's cute! Is that juicy?
    Great Collection, you have very nice items, I drool over "EVERYTHING" :smile: Looks like you have been busy with acessorizing your bags, I love that.
  3. You have a beautiful collection :girlsigh:
  4. It is only to much Bling if you feel uncomfortable with it on... other wise, Bring on the Bling. It fun,,,, Go with it!
  5. I like bling and thats alot of it..I thought of hanging a coach charm bracelet on my bag :O)
  6. Lovely collection!

    And regarding the bling, honestly, it's more than I would put on a bag, especially since the Sabrina already has 3 hangtags. It's all about whether you feel confident carrying your bag though!
  7. I love the bling she looks very pretty all decked out lol. I also really love your collection very nice pieces. I am so sorry I can't say that you have enough there is never a such thing as too much Coach sorry I can't help you there shop on sister shop on lol.
  8. Wow, very nice collection!
  9. Thanks everyone, and yes coachmommyofmin, thats Juicy...
    now one more quick question, the is only 1 link on my post, yet i uploaded 2 pics, 1 on my entire collection, & a close-up of my sabrina, wheres the other link to 2nd pic??? (I'm in idiot mode)
    Thanks for your help!
  10. LOVE it ! it's gaudy, but in the good way:smile: Your collection is beautiful!
  11. I love, love, love your bags.

    The espresso Sabrina is on my Must Have list. However, I don't care for all the additional "stuff" myself. If you love it, go for it! I have never liked charms/additional goodies on the Sabrinas and Juliannes in the first place, so it may just be me.

    I think the charm of the Madison bags are the classic silhouettes with subtle, elegant details. Hangtags, pleating, logo plate, multiple straps/handles, bright hardware, rich leather with a sheen: I think these bags have plenty going on without needing additions. Big charms and scarves give them an over-designed look to me.
  12. I am in the search to add more bling to my sabrina (needs more color) so I like yours! You have a great collection! I'm jealious!
  13. Lurvely collection! Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  14. Beautiful collection! Lots of neutrals and beautiful colors.

    I'm not a fan of adding lots of bling to a bag, but like others have said, it's all what you are comfortable with.
  15. Lovely collection!

    Since you wanted honest opinions, yes I personally happen to think it's too much.