need to get DH an anny present. ideas?

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  1. I pestered and pestered and pestered so he gave in and got me diamond stud earrings. He wanted to add some crap onto our car for his present but i said no. (i hate adding lips, etc to cars) so he has so far gotten no material type of gift. it's been like a month now and whenever i go to buy something he mentions how he hasn't even gotten an anny gift yet, so i'm guessing it's a big deal to him (i never knew it was till now) so i want to get him something, but what?

    (we have a joint account and every year we pick out our own presents and usually buy them ourselves too just to ensure what we want, but for some reason this year he's being stupid)

    any help is appreciated. :smile:
  2. what sort of stuff does he like?
  3. almost all guys love electronics...since the price of flat screens are falling, my DH has been begging me to get us a new one HD one. hey, you can enjoy your shows as well.
  4. lol nothing. that's the problem. he has everything he needs/wants. i don't know what his deal is. he mentioned in passing a watch (even though he has a few and NEVER wears them) but i'm just gonna get him another one i guess and hope that satisfies him.

    Randr21 - we have one. we have all brand new electronics. he went crazy last year and replaced it all. although, we DON'T have play station - maybe he'd rather that with guitar hero. heehee, then i can play as well :P
  5. I got my boyfriend Guitar Hero 3 for Valentine's Day - He was thrilled with it!
  6. If he likes his car what about a private registration plate. With his initials and some numbers it would only be a few hundred pounds (that is in the UK, don't know how it works elsewhere). that is what I got my husband for our first anniversary (1st = paper).
  7. This is why I make my DH make me a list of what he would like and then I can just pick something from the list.

    I would do the watch, save the receipt, just in case he doesn't like it.

    A PSP would be nice too. I have one and love it. But then I play it all the time during slow times at work and when I'm waiting to pickup my almost 6 year old from Kindergarten.
  8. ok, so last night he decided he wanted a new exhaust for the car....don't ask. *sigh* i don't understand boys.