need tips/etc for a possible macys cosmetics counter job

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  1. I was at the Lancome counter today talking to my regular SA....anyways, she says they are hiring and if Im interested, I should apply in the fall when Im 17 and that I can put her down as a recommendation. So I need some tips etc for when I go in to interview (I know way off but Im excited lol).

    so far, Im thinking:

    Tahari jacket
    white shirt
    ralph lauren slacks
    Tahari flats (leather)
    too formal??


    Ralph Lauren pink cashmere
    black heels

    makeup? conservative- IE little to none, enough to show my skills (ie min. smokey eye but good basics)??
  2. Casual or formal? I'd go with something casual that flatters you. It's counter sales, not a director job. Don't overdo dressing.

    As for make-up, use Lancome products, not too fancy and choose colors that bring out your best features.