Need some TLC, down today, what would U do?


what would you do to shake the blues?

  1. Retail therapy? shopping..ding! ding!

  2. Spa...ahh, message steam, etc!

  3. movies...popcorn, red vines, movie...yum!

  4. veg day, sleep in, bath, relax!

  5. sweat it out, go to the gym!

  6. other? recommendations?

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  1. So today I was down a bit today...what would you do to shake it up and get rid of the blues?
  2. awww... I'm sorry that you're feeling like that. Do you run or have some form of an exercise routine? Sometimes even a brisk walk to clear your head. That can get the endorphins flowing.... If not, then chocolate works for me... until I eat the family sized bar and then I feel guilty. :sad:

    I'll give you a virtual hug and hope that you feel better soon!
  3. :heart: sending hugs:heart: I hope you feel better soon. Make yourself a hot cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and take a hot bubble bath.
  4. I adore the luxury of sleeping in, a long bath, fresh pajamas and an old movie on the dvd while I tinker in my art room. I think you have inspired me to take a personal day on Friday for just this occassion!
  5. Aww, I am sorry you are feeling down! Hope you feel better! Sending you a big hug! Relax, go to sleep, or go to a spa!
  6. Wow, your posts always make me smile. Sorry you had a bad day. I usually shop the blues away but massages and facials are also great. Back when I was younger and in shape a good run also helped. Lately, I've found that curling up in bed with a good book has worked wonders.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.
  7. Exercising releases endorphines, and you'll also feel better about yourself for working out instead of eating all day, or spending all your money..
  8. :flowers: im sorry u feel bad..but i believe in retail has always worked for me..
  9. Sorry you're feeling down today, twinke. *HuGz*

    I find that the option of being able to choose to curl up in bed, or just laze around collecting my thoughts without being in a hurry to be anywhere else is always so calming and relaxing.

    I'm always a lil happier after spending some quality alone time. Feel better!! :flowers:
  10. If I'm having a bad day, I go shopping :devil::p
  11. ((HUGS)) Sorry you are feeling down. Maybe retail therapy will help. Go spoil yourself!! Cheer up!
  12. I like to go to the gym to try and up my endorphins...but I also LOVE to veg out...lounge around and watch movies all day.....sorry you are down.

  13. how about you go shopping and come back and show us what you got? that way we will all feel better. whatever you do i hope you enjoy it! :yes:
  14. hey twinkle, sorry you're having the blues.

    *big hugs*

    I vote for going to the spa because it'll help you relax. preferably a spa where you can hang out there for awhile after the massage to chill out a little.

    my thing with shopping with i'm down is that it only lasts for 5secs and then i'm out of $$ and still blue =(

    staying in bed is great if you are sleep deprived but it generallys doesn't help lift me up

    and going to the gym is like adding to the torture even though it's good for me...

    hope you feel better!!!
  15. I picked spa...that's what I would is a close second though, so it totally depends on your energy levels! I hope whatever you decide helps!!