Need some info on a Prada bag.

  1. hi guys, i have a question for you Prada lovers. I'm not very experienced with that line. I happened to luck into one, my mother had a what was I thinking moment and told me I could have the bag. I sell on eBay and she said go ahead and I'm going to but I need a little more info. It's made of somekind of canvas and leather. The bag depicts what I think is the venice canals with a gondola and the eiffel tower. On each end is a zippered pocket. The bag has three inside compartments. I think it might be from spring/summer line but not positive. I want to list it but before I do, I would like to know if there is a name for the bag and what it retails for, just so I can be accurate in my description. So if anyone out there knows what the heck i'm trying to say, please give me a shout.:confused1:
  2. why don't you post pictures of the bag...then prada lovers can respond you :smile:
  3. I can do that if you tell me how to get it up here? I have a digital camera, I just don't understand how to get the pic up. Thanks for your help.
  4. Archer -- when you write a reply to a post in this thread, you'll see Go Advanced in the bottom in pink. Click that, choose manage attachments, then use the browse button to find the pic on your hard drive. Click upload, post and you're done.

    That's the venice line from several years ago -- I have a large tote from the Fifth Ave store, pretty sure I bought it in Spring 04 but they may have had them the previous fall (you can see pics in my growing collection link). I paid about 550 new for mine, the purses with compartments retailed higher than that but I did see one on Amazon for quite some time that was stalled at just under 500 with no takers.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Sounds like the venice print line.....I have two totes from Saks in this print
  6. Have a look at and see if they have it. They've got a great selection of bags (authentic). I use them as a library all the time.
  7. jenscar, thank you so much for helping me. thanks everyone for the info. i have one more favor though. I want to post these pictures up just to verify but when I follow the instructions, it all goes well until I go to upload and then it says there was an error uploading, that my attachment was big. What am I doing wrong, I'm taking rightout of my kodak software pictures. Just a little more help, I promise.
  8. You have to save your pics at a smaller size/lower resolution so the file size isn't as large. The site only lets you upload a certain amount of "bytes". Your camera probably has resolution settings or you can use a photo program to resize the pics.
  9. Use Photobucket to downlaod yer pics.........its free and simple
  10. Dang! That's a cute little bag!
  11. That's the Venice line -- there were shoes and blouses and skirts too and it came in that colorway and a red/beige/orange one that I have. That bag is more unstructured than the one on Amazon if that helps.
  12. Thats the venice print ..I have two of them in big tote cute....I have a clear plexi tote and a camel toned one.They werent very expensive......I got mine at SAKS..Ill see what I paid for both my totes...