need some hugs...i went back to lv yorkdale today and had a terrible experience

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  1. :sad: :tdown:
    really put me in a bad mood.
  2. What happened????
  3. what happened?
  4. i brought df back to the boutique to help decide on the size of the neo cabby. my sa wasn't there, i knew that and asked her if there was someone i should ask for when i spke to her yesterday, she said no, anyone can help me. so i walked in today and there was three ladies hter chatting up, i asked to see the bags that were on hold for me, none of them looked like they wanted to help me, finally one went back, and the other one was asking me oh is it the neo cabby gm and mm and i said yes, and she asked is it for the private shoping event and i said yes, so sounded like the sa updated them on my situation? not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. anyhow, so the lady brought my bag out and i asked her for the other stuff that i wanted to buy becuase i wanted to show df, she reluctantly brought them out and then completely ignored me which i was okay with. then a customer came in she went to help her, and then the customer thought she was also heling me so offered to come back, and the sa said no, she was here two days ago already. and then she said to me, i can't work like this, i can't leave have all thees bags here. she was just sooo rude about it, if you didn't want to help me then don't!!!!!!!!!! ugh!
  5. It happens sometimes. You just have to blow the rude ones off!! Just keep to working with your regular SA.
  6. I think you need to go back to the store and take to a manger like asap!!!
  7. huh? its their job to show u the bags...if she cannot handle all incoming customer. she should serve on first come first serve basis right?
  8. I have only ordered bags online...I have yet to figure out why everyone puts up with this type of treatment when they go into stores! There are always posts on this! I think it stinks and everyone should complain!:cursing:I don't understand why so many of the ppl that work in these stores think they are soooooooooooooo much better than the shoppers - they would NOT be there WITHOUT THE SHOPPERS!?
  10. Sorry to hear of your bad experience.
    Hopefully there is another LV boutique in your town
    and you can take your business elsewhere.
  11. That SA was very rude. It shouldn't matter if you were there two days or five minutes ago. You are still a customer!!! I would have spoken to a store manager or something because that type of attitude is unacceptable to me. If you will be spending your hard earned money in there you should be treated with respect.
  12. I must have missed a past post or something because this doesn't make any sense to me. Can someone tell me what happened?
  13. I am so sorry about that.
  14. i'm still quite upset over it, it's not just what she said the tone the looks and everything, it was just horrible!
    i don't know what her name was but she was a short asian one w/ longish pony tail, sorry, not sure if i'm allowed to give description like that.
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