Need Some Help!!!

  1. have you ever had some money that you saved and it was BURNING a hole in your pocket and you just HAD to buy something? (like a new bag???!) well, i've saved some money and REALLY want to get a prada...i need to save some more and i figured out i can do it w/in the next 2 months...EXCEPT, the money is burning a hole in my pocket and every time i see a new bag i start to lose my resolve about many times have i just caved in and bought an impulse bag that i wish i hadn't only to sell it on eBay a week or so later and taken a HUGE loss?!?!?! so, does this ever happen to any of you? how do you stay focused on your goal?!?!?!
    H E L P!!!
    thanks!;) ;) ;)
  2. What Prada do you want to get? Share with us, we will tell you how wonderful it is and how worth it will be to wait!! We will help you!
  3. I don't usually go for Nylon but I always go for Prada! It will be super light on your shoulder and will be a classic that will last forever. Hold on to your dream....