Need some help with info on LV Baxter dog collar

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I was hoping you guys could lend me your expertise on the LV baxter dog collar. I got an 8 week old shih tzu as a Christmas present & of course I want to spoil the crap out of him b/c he's just super adorable! I was interested in purchasing the baxter dog collar but was wondering if any of you have it for your dog or cat & if you feel it would fit the size of the shih tzu & if they seem comfortable enough wearing it all the time?

    Also, I know it has a tag so I was wondering if anyone knew if the LV on 5th Ave in NYC puts the name & phone # on the tag if you purchase it from them? Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. If you get your dog used to wearing it when they are very young YES they can wear it all the time. If you dont put a collar on them all the time when they are babies you're going to have issues when they get older.
    Congrat's on your new puppy... I have one that is so spoiled :shrugs: and not my fault but my b/f's. My dog thinks its human.

  3. My Mollie has the MM. She wears it daily, but it's rather thick. She's a bigger dog though, thus a bigger size. She gets tons of compliments. You should get it.
  4. awww... KathyD... Molly is adorable...
  5. awww molly is adorable kathyd! i really want to get it. Did you get anything engraved in molly's tag?
  6. oh so cute! i wish they made them smaller so i could put one on my pet!
  7. For a Shih Tzu, you have to get the petit.

    Kathy, Mollie's soooo cute!
  8. Thanks ladies! I appreciate your feedback! It would probably be best if I go to the store itself than ordering from eluxury huh? Just so that I can approximate if the size is correct & see if they can put something on the tag?
  9. Bruiser wears his collar everyday and seems to love it. When I get him out of the tub he's holding his neck in such a way to remind me to put his collar back on him. It's too cute.
  10. awww you have such a good & adorable dog golden!! i'm assuming you have the big collar for him right?
  11. Goldenleopardlady - tooooooo cute, my Roger is so tiny and he is almost full grown, i would never be able to have a collar on him let alone the lead!!!
  12. My chihuahua Louie has the PM and its perfect. Nice and lightweight for his little neck.
  13. how CUUTE! i wish they had collars in mc!
  14. My Miniature Schnauzer has the PM. The vachetta tag that comes with it seems to be a bit too narrow to use as a name/phone number tag though, so I just add on his regular dog tag.
  15. awww your chihuahua is adorable! the collar looks amazing on him! I'm totally looking forward to getting it for Nacho & as soon as I do, I'll definitely post a pic! Thanks for all your help ladies!