Need some help w/ agendas

  1. I have the PM and it's good, but a tad small. The mini, is really, really, small to write in. I love the MM but it's just to big for me to carry in a bag.
  2. The mini agenda is tiny. To me, not practical.

    I have the small koala agenda and to me it's the perfect size because it's portable and can hold plenty of notepaper and planner pages, as well as cards, a small ruler, a pen, etc.
  3. I have the medium cause its easier to write in. the only problem with the smaller ones isn't their size but the size of the actual pages. I wish they would make the pages larger cause then I would switch back to small. I haven't helped at all have I?
  4. Another question, I love the look of the vernis, but I hear it is hard to take care of? Is this true? Would it be a bad choice to get in the agenda? I'm just not really a big fan of the classic mono print.
  5. If you get a darker color in the vernis you will be fine. It's the lighter colors that can get some color transfer, but so far I've had framboise color and bronze and no problem at all.
  6. The mini agenda is ridiculously tiny, it's probably only useful as either a card holder or a phone book. Get the small agenda, it's cute and you'll like it. ;)
  7. ah! you have a bronze agenda!? I've been looking for one of those forever. hint, hint...;)
  8. What I'd love is the hot pink vernis one. It seems as tho the mini would be very small, but all my bags are small so that is why I am considering it. Too small to even be practical though? I'd just need it for class & appointments.
  9. I don't think they come with the daily refils, so you can get a lined pad or like an address book. If that's all you need, then maybe that'll be enough. The frambroise is a really cute colour, I agree !
  10. i think even the small agenda is already too small, much less the mini agenda. they're both hard to write in.

    i have a Monogram Mat medium agenda, and for me that's the perfect size. it fits into all my bags, and is very easy to write in. unfortunately, it's not available in the Vernis line :sad:
  11. I would be thrilled to pieces if they made a koala medium agenda with the pink lining like the one I have. I would be all over it.
  12. I think the medium is the most comfortable size. I like the mini agendas for writing lists of things to do or jotting down phone numbers quickly but it would be no good for planning out your whole day unless you're used to writing in tiny script!

  13. NO, I had a framboise agenda, and have a bronze reade pm. I put the reade pm down on everything except newspaper or magazine and it's fine. And the framboise agenda was loose in my bag for a while and that was fine too. I would DIE for a bronze agenda, did they make them? Is there one to be found??
  14. I have the PM in red vernis. love it. I've had it for 2 or 3 years now and use it to write homework in, appointments, etc. I'm a college student, so I am NOT careful with my agenda - it's an agenda, after all.