Need some help identifying a wallet....

  1. But I don't have much inf to go on, unfortunately.

    I was behind a woman in the grocery store. She was on her cell phone the entire time, otherwise I would have asked her about her wallet. She was carrying a huge, white bag- I'm pretty sure it's a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

    She pulled out a white wallet but I'm not sure if it matched her bag or not. It was a pretty big wallet- it looked like it was folded in half but then she opened it up and it was flat. The leather looked like it was as soft as whipped butter.

    I have been googling and have not been able to find the wallet. I did find the bag she was carrying but in white:

    I'm also going to post this on the MJ forum, in case someone there knows.

  2. Tee hee... Yes - I do want a bbag with that...

    Anyhow, while I would highly suggest a Money wallet and I'm wondering how the mini coin wallet is going... here are some pics of some MJ wallet to see if it was any of these... Unfornuately, if this person was like me - I don't necessarily always carry the same brand wallet as bag... sometimes I do though!

    Also, I don't think you're talking about the MJ zip clutch, but I have a few of those and I really like them...

    Good luck finding your wallet!! What color hardware did it have??
  3. Hi Bags! You never replied to my last email :crybaby:

    I already have a money wallet on order in Ocean :yes: But I saw this wallet and I cannot stop thinking about it. Honestly, I just want to find out who makes it!

    I think it had gold hardware. I don't think it's a MJ wallet b/c I have searched and searched but I cannot find it.

    It did have a magnetic circle closure thing. I wish I could explain it better. It was like a little book and she unfolded it open. The leather looked so soft and amazing. The zipper looked it like could hold a lot, like receipts and papers.


    Thanks for helping!!!!!!!!!