Need some help/advice

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  1. I won an auction on 7/1, paid by paypal 7/2, then contacted the seller on 7/6 and 7/7 asking when the bag would be shipped and would he send a tracking number. He replied on 7/9, saying that he would ship the bag tomorrow, 7/10.

    Today, 7/13, I receive tracking info showing that the package went out this afternoon. This is aggravating, but not the real problem. The real problem is that he sent the package UPS to my United States Post Office PO Box. Last I heard, UPS doesn't deliver to the US postal service.

    What do I do? I'm really irritated at this newbie seller.
  2. OH MY.. that was not bright on his part. And awfully late in shipping out, isn't he??

    Try CALLING UPS and ask them if they can arrange that you pick the parcel up at your local UPS office. IF indeed they still have possession of it. UPS may immediately contact the seller once they realize it's addressed to a POB.
    In the meantime, CALL them, give them the tracking and ask what can be done, if anything.

    You can also file an INR w/ PP if this continues to be unresolved. And I would. 11 days to ship??????????!!
  3. no, it was not bright. But then, neither was his snippy, curt response to my 2 emails on 7/6 and 7/7, asking politely for a tracking number.

    This is so aggravating. I will call UPS and see what can be done. The thing is, this is an unusual vintage bag, but it's not an impossible find. I really don't want to continue to wrangle with this clown to get a bag I can find somewhere else.
  4. It may be possible to have your package re-routed to where it needs to go.

    No reason for the seller to be rude and since it was his error, he should

    be cooperating with you completely
  5. Why won't they deliver to a po box? That is your address!
  6. Shipped UPS, not USPS. UPS does not deliver to PO boxes. USPS delivers to POB.
  7. Why not? That is your mailing address...
  8. United Parcel Service does not deliver to Post Offices, only to residences and businesses. Only the US Postal Service delivers to Post Office Boxes. UPS would deliver to her HOME or OFFICE, but not to her POB at her post office.
  9. So you are telling me that if I order anything and don't have a physical address, they won't ship it to me? That doesn't make any sense to me. Some people travel a lot, or don't have a premanent residence, so they don't get the luxury of having item shipped to them?
  10. Of course they can have it shipped to a POB, via USPS mail shipping services. As long as you have an item MAILED via USPS, it can go to a POB.

    Fed-Ex, DHL, UPS don't deliver to POB. POB are for USPS mailing services, as best I am aware.

    HOWEVER, UPS will deliver to a mailbox one rents at a UPS store.
  11. Update: I heard from the seller this morning. He acknowledged that this was a huge mistake and offered a partial refund. He said that a new person in his shop had screwed this and a few other shipments up, and this person has now been fired.

    I gave him the link above so that he could intervene to recall it.

    I just don't want to give this person my home or work addresses. I have my ebay stuff shipped to a PO Box specifically so I don't have to give out my physical addresses.

    I think I'm going to wait until the UPS tracking number shows the package as undeliverable, then I'm going to file with Paypal.

    This seller left me pos. feedback the day I paid. This was meant to be a birthday present for this Thursday, and obviously it won't make it.

    I am really irritated, and I don't want to be hasty. What kind of feedback would you guys leave?

    My initial thought was to wait and see what the item looked like, then leave him low stars for shipping and communication, but leave a pos if the item was as described. On the one hand, it's a huge screwup, but on the other, he did at least try to make it better.
  12. IMO, if a seller tried to make things right, then no neg. HOWEVER low stars and a neutral for the delay is shipping may be appropriate. BUT, if you'd rather he just take it back and forget it, he may ask you to cancel the transaction so that he can get his ebay fees back, and in that case, you won't be able to leave feedback.
    I think if I were you, I'd just ask him to cancel the transaction and refund you completely, and be done with it.