need some comforting...went for an interview yesterday for my dream job >>

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  1. and i feel that i did terrible, i was too excited and wasn't even making sense...the interview who is the director of the dept. was extremely nice, but i don' tknow, i just think i did terrible, i "think' he said he's going to set up an interview with what would be my immediate manager, and also mentioned that there could be anotehr job more suited fo rme? he's not sure yet has to talk to the manager and before we bid goodbye, i said a joke and he didn't get it. it was relly embarassing!!!!!!!

    i think i did bad, i really really want this job!!!!!
    that's all, thanks for listening. :crybaby:
  2. *hugs* I feel your pain, I went on an interview last week for a job I really, really want and I don't think I did so well. I didn't prepare the way I should have, but after preparing myself for so many interviews and not using what I prepared I felt it was probably not necessary and was wrong. *SIGH*
  3. Aww - hugs! First, realize that for the most part, we tend to be harder on ourselves than other's are. Also, if the interviewer mentioned another position might be available, I think that's positive - while you may not get the "dream job" it seems like s/he was impressed enough by you to consider you to be a part of the company and that could open doors to the dream job in the future. Try not to over-analyze and stay positive (easier said than done, I know - and I'm a classic pessimist! LOL!).
  4. i'm just so hating myself, i know i could've done better interviews, i have done better interview. i acted like such an idiot! aiy!!!!
    i don't think i can ever live this one down
  5. You sound like you were just very nervous. which is very understandable. No matter what you made a positive impression. I hope everything works out for you.
  6. i hope so too! if i get this job, that'd mean discounts on h/e fashions!!!
    but do you guys think i will at least most defintely get another interview, since that's what he said?
  7. yep, so the HH emailed me and said i didn't get the job and they decided to go w/ internal, the classic reject line. anyhow, oh well
  8. I'm so sorry.

    My friend just go the same call for a university job she would really have enjoyed.

    She spent 20 hours on their test case study for applicants. Her qualifications are terrific.

    They hired in house. I think they only advertised the job so they wouldn't be accused of bias, profiling, or other kind of discrimation. My friend was crushed.

    Bummer for both of you! My sympathy!
  9. I am sorry that you didn't get the job. Please don't beat yourself up about it. I think it was cute that you acted so excited in the shows that you would have brought enthusiasm for the job. Don't lose that on your next interview! (and it's their loss that they didn't hire you.)
  10. They got back with you fast, this is unusual! I would write him a letter thanking him for the interview.
    If you're positive & nervous, as someone who does the hiring, that is not a bad thing. I would hire anyone with a positive attitude any day & try to find a place for them. Do you know of any other positions they have?
  11. yep, i did write ane mail after finding out from my HH, he mentioned in ther interview that there may be another positoin suitable for me, but he needs to discuss it w/ the manager first, the interview was the director of the dept. ( the highest position), i just feel suckie that he mislead me so strongly to have me thinking that i was guaranteed another interview. anyways, i dont' think it was very professional for him to do so, he could've given me the classic reject line, saying something like we have others to interview, will get back to you.
  12. *hugs* to you takeoutbox. Don't worry, interviewers are people too and they understand that you'd be nervous. I agree with Vegas Long Legs to write and thank him for the interview. An ex-workmate went for a phone interview and they really liked her but said they'd give the job to someone in the system already. However, they kept her resume and when a position opened up they offered her the job. So keep your hopes up, remind them you'd like another opportunity to work for the company in the future.
  13. awww, takeoutbox, I'm sorry you didn't get the job. :sad:

    ITA with miss_fleur and Vegas Long Legs - def. send a gracious thank you note. You never know what position may come open in the future - and he'll remember you!!

    I've had this happen to me twice - both times I was completely crushed. AND both times...the hiring manager called me again (one was in a matter of months and one 2 years later!!!) with another job opportunity!! I actually ended up working at the one the first manager called me about. :yahoo: (when the second HM called, I was already working at a job I loved and didn't want to leave).

    You never know what the future holds!! Good luck!!
  14. i'm glad that things worked out for you at the end. i'm totally crushed, feeling totally suckie...i hope i can have a happy ending to my story, but at this point, i'm not seeing that happening...but tks again for your replies.
  15. hi there,
    I definitely know how it feels about interviews! I had some guys mislead me too and they were quite senior in the company - they didn't even answer my calls/ emails after some interviews although during the interviews they acted really 'nice'

    Well, I hope everything works out for you in the end ..i'm sure it would!

    I just started work Monday actually and it's been good so far!

    Good luck! :flowers: